Datacom cabling products seller upgrades website

Online distributor of datacom cabling products announced the launch of its 4th generation website., an online distributor of datacom cabling products, announced the launch of its 4th generation website. With "a fresh, contemporary look," the company says its upgraded site includes new usability features to aid customers in the selection and purchase of network cabling infrastructure products. The site's new features include streamlined navigation, expanded informational offerings, a quote generation system, and an easier checkout process.

The company says the new site's product pages include better product descriptions and pictures, as well as more downloadable product specification sheets. Customers can now write product reviews and include testimonials about their customer service experience, allowing new users to have more information before making a purchase. The company's products include copper cabling hardware, fiber-optic cable assemblies, and a variety of tools and testers.

The new site's automatic quote generating system enables users to quickly generate their own price quotes that include shipping costs. The system generates a unique quote number that allows the user to save their quotes and then place that order automatically. Additionally, new tutorials and how-to videos are now easy to find on the site's home page. This section includes tutorials on fiber-optics, Cat5E/6E/6A cabling, designing a network, and technical tips.

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