Coax radial stripper handles both utility, standard cable sizes

From Klein Tools, new unit's sliding depth gauge pre-measures cable for precise one-step, two-level strips.

Klein Tools has extended its Voice/Data/Video (VDV) line of tools, connectors and testers with the addition of its coax combination radial stripper. This single tool strips both utility and standard cable sizes. It also strips two levels (outer jacket and dielectric) in one step. The tool's sliding depth gauge pre-measures cable for quick, accurate and repeatable strips. The radial stripper is billed as ideal for audio/visual coax applications.

Klein Tools’ VDV Coax Combination Radial Stripper (Cat. No. VDV110-095) works on both standard and utility size cables including RG6, RG6-QS, RG59, RG11, and RG7. The one-step, two-level (5/16” X 1/4”) stripper, along with its proprietary sliding depth gauge, takes the guesswork out of repeatable cable end preparation, contends the company. This stripper also eliminates the need for the installer to use his fingers as a backstop for sharp wire tips, reducing irritation.

Durable high-carbon steel cutting blades automatically adjust to different cable diameters, and a convenient finger loop facilitates easy, controlled rotation. The tool's simplified design makes cleaning out cable debris effortless, says Klein Tools.

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Cable installers who run backbone cable from a utility source and then run standard cable to equipment, usually don’t have one tool that can prep both these cable series,” comments Klein Tools' senior product manager, Dave Mueller. “This coax combination radial stripper does both utility and standard cable types providing quick, precise and repeatable one step, two-level stripping -- saving time and effort during an installation.”

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