Web-based tool eases structured cabling management

College Miner's SwitchDB Structured Cabling Management is a web application that manages switch data information for campus networks via the Internet.

College Miner, a provider of data analysis tools for educational institutions and businesses, has put together a white paper describing the benefits of its SwitchDB Structured Cabling Management, a web application that allows switch data information to be managed via the Internet. Developed to provide more efficient cable management for campus networks, the tool allows networking personnel to view or update switch, patch, and port information in a central location.

Accessible through any web browser, SwitchDB is designed for easy integration with most business, hospital, and educational networks. As described by College Miner's white paper, via the application, users can: manage VLANs; eliminate physical visits to closets/jacks; manage switch/patch cord records; pinpoint locations of problematic devices; and enable per-port billing. The application logs changes and updates, containing easy management tools, advanced alert/audit features, and extensive reporting capabilities.

Download the descriptive white paper here.

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