Guide provides jump-start to new fiber-cabling installers

44-page document includes essentials and has references to more-comprehensive texts.

A 44-page guide entitled Successful Fiber Optic Installation - A Rapid Start Guide "contains the information an installer needs to know to achieve the three goals of fiber-optic installation: low power loss, low installation cost, and high reliability," says the guide's author, Eric Pearson of Pearson Technologies.

"The objective of this Rapid Start Guide is to jump start the installer on his path to becoming successful in fiber-optic installation," Pearson continues, adding that the guide will do so "by providing two types of information. The first type is the basic information the installer must have to get started in fiber-optic installation.

"The second type of information is the more subtle information that the installer must have to be consistently successful as a professional installer." This subtle information enables effective troubleshooting, Pearson says. The guide includes references to other, more-comprehensive information that an installer will need further along in a professional fiber-optic installation career.

Pearson concludes, "This guide will be useful to novices in fiber-optic installation, those considering performing their own installations, those evaluating the need for training in installation, and those needing a quick refresher."

The guide costs $19. You can email the author here for additional information.

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