Belden augments 10GX line

Jan. 23, 2009
January 23, 2009 -- Belden now offers two technology advancements across its 10GX60 series of Cat 6a cables: bonded-pair construction and floating screen technology.

January 23, 2009 -- Belden announced that it now offers two technology advancements across its 10GX60 series of Belden 10GX cables: bonded-pair construction and floating screen technology.

Greg Dietz, Belden's product manager for copper cable/networking solutions, notes, "This powerful technology combination, available only from Belden, has resulted in an extremely stable and robust cable construction that delivers the best alien crosstalk and pair balance performance in the industry today. These two technologies, along with the addition of our central spline design and dual jacket construction, enable the Belden IBDN 10GX UTP cabling system to provide exceptional stability and electrical performance."

Belden's proprietary bonded-pair technology features a patented design in which the cable's individual conductors are bonded along their longitudinal axis to guarantee uniform spacing within each twisted pair. According to the company, this bonding is a key factor in maintaining superior signal integrity and consistent transmission performance throughout the stresses of installation and post-installation maintenance.

In addition, Belden 10GX cables incorporate a central spline which separates and holds the twisted pairs firmly in position at a uniform distance from each other. This design provides improved crosstalk performance, as compared with conventional cables where the twisted pairs can change position during manufacturing or handling.

The incorporation of a floating screen into its 10GX cable manufacturing process represents another step forward in Belden's century-long history of innovation. The floating screen dramatically improves alien crosstalk. In addition third-party testing in an independent EMC test facility has demonstrated that channel configurations transmitting 10GBASE-T signals meet FCC and CISPR Class B limits.

The floating screen is completely internal to the cable and requires no special handling during installation and termination. In the manufacturing process, the floating screen is applied over an inner jacket and is maintained in position. This design keeps the screen perfectly equidistant from the cable core and prevents the type of signal distortion that could result if the screen were able to move or shift during installation and handling. The overall jacket is then added, sandwiching the floating screen between the two jackets, for further protection and stability. This extraordinarily robust construction results in a cable that offers unprecedented consistency, stability and signal transmission reliability.

Over the past four years, this combination of bonded-pair and floating screen technologies has been available only in Belden 10GX modular cords. Now it is extended to the manufacture of 10GX60 series bonded-pair UTP cables, as well as the Belden's new 10GX pre-terminated cable assemblies. All are part of the Belden IBDN system 10GX and are designed to support high-density data centers and other extremely demanding networking applications such as 10GBASE-T and broadband video over UTP.

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