BICSI unveils fundamentals program

Jan. 14, 2009
January 14, 2009--BICSI, the association supporting the information transport systems (ITS) industry with information, education and knowledge assessment, announces the introduction of the ITS Fundamentals Program.

January 14, 2009--BICSI, the association supporting the information transport systems (ITS) industry with information, education and knowledge assessment, announces the introduction of the ITS Fundamentals Program.

Providing a solid base of knowledge to those beginning a career in cabling ITS distribution design, the program consists of five courses, an examination and certificate. Students with the necessary ITS job experience will be able to take the Fundamentals exam, and after successfully completing it, will continue their professional development by sitting for either the Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD®) exam or one of the BICSI Specialty tests. The program's introduction marks the first milestone in the BICSI NxtGEN Program.

"One of our first goals with BICSI NxtGEN is to create an educational experience and testing program to ensure that each candidate understands the basic concepts of ITS distribution design from all design perspectives, and then is capable of passing an examination on those basic concepts," says Jerry Bowman, RCDD, NTS, BICSI U.S. North-Central Region director and chairman of the BICSI NxtGEN Subcommittee.

"The BICSI NxtGEN program will elevate the importance and recognition of existing RCDDs, make the RCDD and BICSI's Specialty programs more inclusive of IT, engineering and other professionals; and modernize the BICSI credentialing programs and make them more consistent with how professionals are credentialed today," adds Ed Donelan, RCDD, NTS, TLT, BICSI president.

"The Fundamentals Program is critical to the success of the BICSI NxtGEN project, as it provides the entry point for persons entering the distribution design arena," notes Vic Phillips, RCDD, OSP, past president and vice chairman of the BICSI NxtGEN Subcommittee. "This is the basic building block of the RCDD or any of the specialties as it is a prerequisite to those programs."

Listed in the order of recommended completion, the courses will be available via the Internet through BICSI CONNECT, the online interactive learning network for ITS professionals. Providing the flexibility of 24/7 Web-based training, BICSI CONNECT offers students the ability to earn continuing education credits (CECs) at their own pace, without incurring travel expenses and at a reduced cost compared to traditional classes.

The ITS Fundamentals Program course descriptions, number of CECs awarded, and prices:

Structured Cabling Systems —Structured Cabling Systems (SCS) is a complete collective configuration of cabling and associated hardware at a given site, which once installed provides a comprehensive infrastructure. This course discusses pathways, spaces, firestopping, codes and standards, all of which are a core focus of the ITS designer. (6 CECs /$189)

Media Selection —ITS designers must be aware of the various types of media (cable) that are available. Each type and configuration has specific uses and defined installation methods. This course focuses on the types and characteristics of ITS media and their installation procedures, so designers can make the most appropriate media choice for each design. (5 CECs /$149)

Grounding and Bonding —Grounding and bonding are an integral portion of the telecommunications infrastructure for providing a safe electrical operating environment. They are also instrumental in providing a reliable reference for the operation of electronic equipment. This course offers students the opportunity to advance their grounding and bonding knowledge by reviewing basic electrical theory, grounding system configurations and components. (3 CECs /$99)

ITS Network Design —The ITS Designer's responsibility doesn't end with structured cabling. In today's highly networked workplace, network integration is a major topic for the ITS designer. This courses explores three separate networks; data, wireless, and data centers. (4 CECs /$125)

Project Management—Project management is required to manage and control projects with teams. It has become an important part of the ITS industry and an important and unique career path for the ITS design professional. This course reviews the common tools and techniques used to ensure a successful project completion. (2 CECs /$59)

Courses may be purchased separately or as a bundle. Individually purchased courses must be completed within 60 days of purchase. The final exam costs $100 for BICSI members and $250 for nonmembers. The exam may be attempted without completion of the courses. Individually purchased courses and exam total $721 for members and $871 for nonmembers. A bundle purchase of all five courses plus the exam will allow one year for completion and cost $595 for members or $745 for nonmembers.

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