Tyco Telecom invests in marine cable placement

The Tyco Electronics business unit handles undersea communications technology and successfully deployed a shore-end plow during a landing operation.

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December 4, 2009 – Tyco Telecommunications, a business unit of Tyco Electronics that handles undersea communications technology, recently announced it has successfully deployed a shore-end plow in a recent cable-landing operation. The company says the plow enables continuity of burial from beach to deep water and provides enhanced efficiency and shallow-water-burial capability without the need for manual diver jet burial.

“The new shore-end plow was an essential tool in our recent operation and resulted in a seamless and efficient cable landing, demonstrating its value to our installation team and customers,” said James Herron, managing director at Tyco Telecommunications. “It is our top priority to provide our customers with not only the highest-quality products and services, but also the ability to customize solutions to meet their unique needs; our new shore-end plow undoubtedly provides our customers with the ultimate flexibility for varied cable landing environments.”

The company says this shore-end plow is the latest in a series of additions and enhancements to the tools and capabilities of its fleet of eight ships. “Already the most technologically advanced and youngest fleet in the industry, these significant investments anticipate the increasingly rigorous technical demands that will be required for undersea cable installation and maintenance in the next decade,” Tyco said in a release. “A key objective of the upgrade program is to equip every vessel with a complete set of tools, cable plows, and remotely operated vehicles to provide multi-mission flexibility fleet-wide.” Other upgrades include cable burial plows, remote-operated-vehicle tracking systems, control systems, and satellite communications.

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