Light Brigade offering course on OSP emergency restoration

The course places heavy emphasis on fault location, troubleshooting, and test equipment.

The Light Brigade has announced a new two-day technical training course for Outside Plant Emergency Restoration. This course, which is available only as a custom course, places heavy emphasis on fault location, troubleshooting, and test equipment. It culminates in a second day of hands-on practices that simulate actual field restorations for retrievable and non-retrievable slack scenarios.

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From a Light Brigade press release:

Whether the fiber cable network is above or below ground, inside or outside a building, the words “emergency restoration” strike fear in any network or outside plant manager. Network outages can cost ten of thousands of dollars every hour your system is offline. When (not if) a problem occurs, it is critical not only to have a recovery program in place, but to have staff that is trained to deal with the emergency in timely, cost-efficient manner.

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Course attendees will learn:

-- Why and where singlemode fiber cables fail in the outside plant and how to troubleshoot and repair them in a timely manner.

-- Typical cable management products used in the OSP and emergency restorations including singlemode fibers and cable structures.

-- Retrievable and nonretrievable slack scenarios for aerial, underground, and ducted restorations .

-- Test equipment used for maintenance and emergency restoration, including the optical time domain reflectometer.

-- Restoration planning.

-- Network planning, design, and maintenance.

The Light Brigade is a division of AFL Telecommunications LLC. For more information, visit

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