Fiber cable installation courses available online

The Fiber Optic Association has brought back Fiber U, a free online learning resource for fiber optic professionals.

Newcomers to as well as veterans of the fiber optic cable installation trade now have a free online resource than can either get them up to speed or refresh their knowledge on fiber optics. The famous Fiber U (Fiber University) online fiber optic training courses have returned as part of the free educational programs offered by The Fiber Optic Association (FOA).

Available now is the self-study program entitled "The Basics of Fiber Optics," which provides basic information for novices who want to learn about fiber optics as well as refresher material for experienced fiber professionals. The program leverages the technical materials found in The FOA Online Fiber Optic Reference Guide as well as the FOA Reference Guide To Fiber Optics.

"We have created a lesson plan that leads you through 10 lessons from the basics of fiber optics to installation practices," the FOA said when announcing Fiber U's return. "Each lesson gives you reading assignments and then tests your comprehension. You can take the course online or using the textbook. Both are references in the lesson plans."

Fiber U also contains 11 virtual hands-on tutorials that demonstrate the proper method of carrying out common processes in fiber optics such as cable preparation, splicing, and termination.

Fiber U had a long history as a fiber optic training conference and online training resource that educated many fiber optic technicians got their start in the 1990s. The FOA said it will continue to develop Fiber U as a collection of free online learning opportunities.

Available currently are links to online self-study programs for those who want to learn about fiber optics. The FOA will add more self-study programs, video, and online webinar lectures as well as other educational resources in the future.

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