Ratchets offer utility line workers flexibility

These rugged tools generate enough torque to loosen and tighten utility pole hardware.

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Utility line workers can use the two new dual-end ratchet wrenches from Lowell Corporation on a number of common pole fasteners, lab bolts and C clamps. Each wrench has a ratcheting socket at one end and a ratcheting box at the other. The manufacturer says these wrenches generate the torque necessary to loosen and tighten utility-pole hardware.

One model, 101TDE, is 8 inches in length and weighs 1-3/4 pounds. The other model, 103TDE, is 11 inches in length and weighs 2 pounds. The ratcheting socket end of each is a triple square, providing three sizes: three-fourths inch, one inch, and one-and-one-eighth inch. The other end is a ratcheting box hex with a low profile for use in tight spots. The two hex sizes are nine-sixteenths inches and three-quarter inches.

Both wrenches have fabricated steel handles. A bolt-through feature allows long bolts and threaded rods to pass completely through the wrench head. Each wrench also has a control lever on the head for reversing.

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