3-in-one pulling tape combines cable installation functions

L.H. Dottie Company is now offering its 3 in One - Premise Muletape.

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L.H. Dottie Company is now offering its 3 in One - Premise Muletape. The company says the high quality pulling tape substantially reduces cable installation labor, material, and inventory costs by providing threading line, measuring tape, and winch line all in one product.

The pre-lubricated tape reduces friction levels and eliminates duct cutting, a common issue with conventional polyester ropes rubbing against conduit walls, says the company. Lower elongation reduces pulling time, improves safety for workers, and prevents crushed capstans.

The material is lightweight and easily blown through conduit or inner duct. Accurate sequential footage markings enable monitoring of cable location during a pull, eliminating the need for measuring tapes and indicating exactly how much tape remains on the roll.

The 3 in One - Premise Muletape is made in the USA and comes in two varieties: PMT1300, which is 1300' in length and rated at 1800 lbs of strength; and PMT4500 which is 4500' in length and rated at 400 lbs of strength.

For more information, visit lhdottie.com

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