Practical tips for distributing residential HDMI

Some practical tips for distributing HDMI around the home.

UK-based residential technology trade site HiddenWires recently posted a nicely detailed article with diagrams outlining some practical tips for distributing HDMI around the home.

Recommended best practices include:

-- Minimizing the number of connections in the path from the HDMI matrix to the screen, since patch cables and panels introduce copper on copper connections, and punchdowns attenuate the signal and introduce noise.

-- Drawing in a minimum of 50% spare cable capacity to allow for breaks while pulling, and to allow for future additions such as networking at the screen.

-- Using Cat 6 cabling if possible for higher bandwidth.

-- To plan and know where cables are to be run within the house, and, where possible, keep unshielded cabling away from sources of electrical noise.

-- Consider locations for repeaters for long runs.


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