Fiber optic reel and case make cable transport, installation easier

The stackable reels have 1/8-inch steel frames and 5.25-inch access holes while rugged cases are also stackable.

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The Fiber Optic Reel/Transport Case manufactured by Future Case Global is meant to solve problems associated with the transport and field operations of fiber-optic cable and equipment. The outer case features 3/8-inch HD gauge wall thickness and a 1/8-inch-thick aluminum trim. Future Case Global says its acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) epoxy plastic construction makes it impervious to bubbling and curling. The cover's tongue-and-groove design with twist-lock latches provide a positive seal. The case also has recessed steel handles with rubber grips for secure handling. Interior 1-inch-thick custom molded dense foam ensures safety and stability of the reel and the fiber-optic cable during transport, the company adds. Four-inch setup trays travel on top of the foam interior for storage of electronics, cables and accessories. Multiple cases can be stacked on one another.

Future Case Global says the fiber-optic reel within the case is guaranteed against failure in harsh environments. The reel's frame is made from 1/8-inch steel and also are stackable. The hand torque and star handle are located on the operator's side, which the company says makes for easy cable control and greater access to the control panel. A blank connector/hub panel is made of 16-gauge steel. A 5.25-inch-diameter access hole through the reel hub enables efficient cable pass-through.

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