Draka unveils MDU / MTU fiber cabling line

The new line of fiber cables is especially designed for installation inside residential multi-dwelling units (MDU) and commercial multi-tenant units (MTU).

Claremont, North Carolina -- Draka Communications has introduced a new line of fiber cables designed for installation inside residential multi-dwelling units (MDU) and commercial multi-tenant units (MTU). This riser rated product is available in color-coded 6-fiber or 12-fiber units and is intended for use with wall mounted conduit systems typically found in residential hallways or office corridors.

The new addition to the existing ezINTERCONNECT cable family, dubbed the Draka Indoor Bundle Drop, is part of what the company calls a continuing expansion of its MDU fiber cable products aimed to reduce the time and cost of fiber deployment inside apartments, condominiums and retail centers. The company contends that the Indoor Bundle Drop can provide the installer with time and cost savings by enabling efficient and rapid deployment to multiple locations on the same floor.

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The company says the new product has undergone stringent qualifications to guarantee compliance to the industry standard performance requirements. This product has completed a comprehensive test program conducted by an accredited Independent Testing Laboratory (ITL).

Available immediately, Draka's Indoor Bundle Drop incorporates several features and benefits to optimize performance and reduce installation complexity. The product leverages Draka’s bend-insensitive optical fiber technology including the Ultra Bend Insensitive Fiber (UBIF) BendBright-Elite that provides low loss in radii as small as 5mm. The Indoor Bundle Drop may be pre-connectorized for “Plug and Play” applications and fitted with a pulling sock to facilitate routing through wall penetrations. The product is lightweight, flame retardant and individual subunits are uniquely identified for traceability.

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"Draka continues to meet the growing challenges posed by FTTH MDU applications through an ever expanding product portfolio. We constantly look for products and methodology to simplify the installation process and build on efficiencies of scale. The Indoor Bundle Drop provides a fast, simple and craft friendly way to establish service connections for an entire building in short order" states Dean Yamasaki, Applications and Technology Manager for Draka Communications Americas.

For more information visit www.draka.com/communications.

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