Web seminar teaches how to install, test 10G cabling

Copper and fiber systems will be explained, from specification through certification.

A webcast seminar hosted by Cabling Installation & Maintenance will provide detail on how to specify, install and test 10-Gbit-ready structured cabling systems. The seminar will air live on Thursday, July 29 then be available as an archived event for one year.

The seminar's three presentations will be entitled "The flavors of 10G," "Designing and Installing 10G" and "Thoroughly Testing for 10G." Listed below are specific descriptions of each presentation.

The Flavors of 10G: Taken from a cabling-media perspective, this presentation discusses the cabling types (twisted-pair, fiber, twinax) that support 10-Gbit/sec transmission. It will explain the environments in which the different flavors of 10-Gbit transmission may be chosen, and will discuss the associated costs of each option for cabling as well as networking electronics.

Designing and Installing 10G: Once a user organization has decided to move to a 10-Gbit/sec network, the design and installation of that system become critical to its success. This presentation will go into detail on the challenges presented by 10-Gbit transmission that did not exist for previous-generation, lower-speed systems. From a fiber standpoint, it can address layout and connectivity alternatives as loss budgets decrease. For copper, it can address the differences in routing, placing, and terminating Category 6A cable compared to previous-generation Category 6 and earlier systems.

Thoroughly Testing for 10G: The best assurance an installation professional or end-user organization can get that an installed system will support 10-Gbit/sec transmission comes from a thorough test of that system. This presentation will discuss what it takes to completely and accurately test installed copper and fiber systems for 10-Gig, as well as compare and contrast full test suites will less-thorough testing methods.

Presentations will be made by representatives of its sponsors - Valerie Maguie of Siemon will make the "flavors" presentation while John Awad of Optical Cable Corporation will present "designing and installing" and Fluke Networks' Harley Lang will present "thoroughly testing."

See more detailed info and register for the webcast seminar here.

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