Publication covers successful fiber installation

42-page document says what's needed to achieve the three goals of a fiber-optic install.

Pearson Technologies now offers The Rapid Start Guide to Successful Fiber Optic Installation, a 15-section, 42-page document, available as a PDF, that contains an overview of the information an installer needs to know in order to achieve the three goals of fiber-optic installation:

  1. Low power loss
  2. Low installation cost
  3. High reliability

Eric Pearson, principal of Pearson Technologies, says the guide is useful to novices in fiber optic installation as well as managers who are considering their own installation, supervisors evaluating the need for training in installation and those who could use a quick refresher.

The document costs $11 and those who purchase it will get $16 off the separate purchase of Pearson Technologies' Successful Fiber Optic Installation - The Essentials, which is a 335-page installation and training text book.

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