Free poster highlights 10 fiber-safety rules

FOA recommends posting on every job site and in every lab.

A free downloadable poster offered by The Fiber Optic Association highlights important safety rules for installers and technicians handling fiber-optic cabling. Derived from the safety section of the FOA's online reference guide, the poster lists 10 detailed safety measures to take when working with fiber.

"Safety in the lab or on the job site must be the number one concern of everyone," the FOA says in its online guide. "Besides the usual safety issues for construction, generally covered under OSHA rules, fiber optics adds concerns for eye safety, chemicals, sparks from fusion splicing, disposal of fiber shards and more. Before beginning any installation, safety rules should be posted on the classroom wall, lab wall or on the job site and reviewed with all onsite personnel."

The poster enables network owners, crew foremen, and other responsible personnel to keep safety rules in front of every fiber technician.

Download the poster here.

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