Anixter issues cabling installation pocket reference guide

May 20, 2010
Anixter's free Installation Pocket Reference Guide includes up-to-date network and infrastructure standards, step-by-step connector termination guides, detailed overviews of cabling systems, and installation best practices.

GLENVIEW, Ill. -- In its continuing effort to bring contemporary network cabling best practices and standards to the market, Anixter has announced the release of its newest technical resource. The Anixter Installation Pocket Reference Guide includes the most up-to-date network and infrastructure industry standards, as well as step-by-step connector termination guides, detailed overviews of cabling systems, and installation best practices and products from top manufacturers.

The 120-page guide includes detailed, visual examples of the architectures behind twisted-pair, coaxial and fiber cable. It also includes step-by-step guides for field terminating these three types of cable as well as charts and tables for understanding performance ratings, impedance values and installation limitations. The guide also includes information about network standards, building subsystems and product specifics from industry-leading manufacturers to ensure installations are built around the best materials and solutions.

According to a press release from the company:

As new cabling technologies and products proliferate in the market, it is essential installers understand the latest best practices and standards governing their use. With the convergence of once disparate systems, installers are being called upon to understand and work with a variety of cabling media. Especially with the advent of IP networking, building subsystems are converging to a point that traditional approaches to underlying infrastructures are being replaced by more modern practices.

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According to Andy Jimenez, Anixter's Vice President of Technology for Enterprise Cabling Solutions, "The Installation Pocket Reference Guide provides installers an easy-to-use reference guide that is grounded in industry standards and best practices. For installers on the job site, it is an invaluable tool that provides the practical day-to-day information installers need for cabling installation and termination."

The Anixter Installation Pocket Reference Guide shares the collective experience of technical experts across a wide range of fields from networking cabling, data centers, physical security, industrial and OEM production. Anixter is constantly evaluating and testing the latest technologies and products for interoperability, performance and operation. The knowledge gained by Anixter's technical experts provides users of this guide a way to avoid common pitfalls and troubleshoot problems as they arise. Because the Installation Pocket Reference Guide is designed to be portable and easy to use, it is now possible to take this collective experience anywhere an installation is occurring.

The Installation Pocket Reference Guide is the newest offering from Anixter's series of educational resources. In addition to the guide, Anixter has produced the Standards Reference Guide, the Data Center Resource Guide, the Standards Reference Guide for Industrial Premises and much more. To learn more about Anixter's technical resources visit

To order a copy of the Installation Pocket Reference Guide, visit or call 1.800.ANIXTER.

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