Handheld Label Printers Reduce Creation Time

May 20, 2024
The P-Touch EDGE models 310BT, 510, and 560BT from Brother International Corporation require little setup, enabling users to get printing quickly.

Brother International Corporation recently introduced three new models to its P-Touch EDGE portfolio of industrial label printers: the 310BT, the 510, and the 560BT. A hallmark of these printers is that they require little setup time, “allowing users to get started quickly,” the company pointed out when introducing the new tools.

“With rising costs and tight deadlines, industrial workers and employers need every advantage available,” commented Raul Palacios, director of product management for Brother International’s Brother Mobile Solutions Division. “The new P-Touch EDGE models help address time constraints by reducing label-creation time—saving companies valuable labor dollars—while ensuring high-quality results.”

The company also identified the following characteristics of all three newly available printers.

  • For large industrial projects, laminated labels and heat-shrink tubes are available with options to print from 3.5mm to 24mm widths.
  • Access to databases and templates minimizes errors and maximizes productivity.
  • Application keys for cable wrap, cable flag, patch panel, punchdown block, and faceplate labels make label creation a quick process. Users also can produce QR codes and linear barcodes from the printer.
  • The dual auto-cutter with half-cut capability saves time by making the labels easy to peel.
  • Users can work how they please thanks to several connectivity options—directly on the printer, a Bluetooth-connected mobile device with the Pro Label app, and a laptop using P-touch Editor and a USB-C connection.

The company further detailed each of the new printers’ uses and capabilities as follows.

310BT (pictured here): “Gear up for efficiency with the 310, designed to save you valuable time at more bang for your buck. Nail labeling jobs with ease using the included ruler and quick application keys to print tough laminated labels and heat-shrink tubes up to 18mm. Store your database and templates directly on the printer to use existing work and cut out wasted time creating accurate labels.

510: “Built for users who want all the productivity features without wireless connectivity, the P-Touch EDGE 510 streamlines industrial labeling. Measure your spacing with the included ruler, then format and print tough laminated labels or heat-shrink tubes up to 24mm in a few simple steps with quick applications keys. Local printer storage supports security restrictions and ensures that templates and databases are always at your fingertips to edit or create labels right on site.”

560BT: “Designed to support contractors in large project applications, the P-Touch EDGE 560BT is loaded with features to streamline labeling … Format laminated labels and heat-shrink tubes up to 24mm for your applications in fewer steps using the included ruler and quick application keys. Store your databases and templates, intuitively serialize and create QR codes and linear barcodes straight on the printer itself to cut out wasted time from repetitive tasks.”

“The P-Touch EDGE is specifically designed for challenging industrial environments and features a comfortable, adjustable hand strap or wrist strap to mitigate drops,” the company added. “It prints long-lasting laminated labels in a variety of widths, to fit any environment. The P-touch EDGE boasts a fast-charging, long-lasting battery to ensure continuous operation throughout a workday.”

These newest additions to Brother’s portfolio of handheld label printers join products that have been used by cabling installers and technicians in the field for years. On this web page, Brother provides comparisons of the different printers in the P-Touch EDGE handheld series.