How Valuable is Your Time? Take it Back by Expediting Cable Drops

In today's modern data center, the number of cables required to support a network's high-volume, high-density connections can be significant. In some cases, using traditional welded cable runway isn't always the appropriate solution. Fixed cross-members may strain cables, resulting in sharp bends, crimps or twists that may effect network integrity. 

Whether you're dropping cables into cabinets, racks or vertical cable managers, consider Chatsworth Products' (CPI) Adjustable Cable Runway to quickly resolve cross-member interferences. Unlike traditional welded cable runway, the Adjustable Cable Runway's design facilitates easy relocation of a cross-member by the simple removal of only two screws, expediting your cable drops, while increasing both network integrity and your efficiency.

Additionally, you can use the same splices and supports that are used with traditional ladder rack, or you can further simplify your installation with CPI's tool-less radius drops and dividers. 

Adjustable Cable Runway meets ANSI, TIA and EIA installation standards for copper and fiber cabling, while promoting proper bend radii to prevent signal degradation. 

See the true value of Adjustable Cable Runway. Watch the demonstration below or visit the product page.

Watch the video here:

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