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Feb. 1, 2003
Industrial strength media converters; Low-profile tie; High-performance coax; MORE...

Industrial strength media converters

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The FL MC industrial Ethernet media converters convert 100Base-TX data signals from an eight-pin-modular interface to a 100Base-T FX optical-fiber interface. The converters are designed specifically ..for the industrial control cabinet, with features that include DIN rail mounting, isolation and surge protection, copper and fiber break diagnostics, and wide temperature range. The 1300 nm converters are available in multimode and singlemode versions, and both use standard SC duplex optical-fiber connectors.

Low-profile tie

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The grooved head design of the 7.5-inch Low-Profile Cable Ties, says the manufacturer, provides maximum strength while allowing the head to flex easily around the contour of bundled wires or tubing. Reduced head height and rounded edges are designed to eliminate cuts and abrasions to cables, nearby objects, and users. The ties have a tensile strength of 50 pounds and come in bags of 100 or 1,000. Weather-resistant ties are also available.

High-performance coax

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The RG+ 142 is a lightweight, flexible coaxial cable designed especially for commercial ..and military/aerospace applications. The company says the cable delivers significantly improved transmission line characteristics over standard RG cable, and is 60% lighter than comparable coax. Combined improvements in performance, says the manufacturer, results in longer runs without concern about signal delivery degradation.

Distributed architecture power supply

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The Mercury Series 1.2kW front-end DC power supply is designed for distributed architectures and rectifier applications for telecom and industrial settings. It features power factor correction, hot bus plug-in, 90% efficiency, droop or active current sharing, and a power density of 7.5 W/In3. According to the manufacturer, the units are designed to ensure maximum reliability through the use of NAVMAT derating guidelines, design verification testing (DVT) and highly accelerated life testing (HALT). Units are available in 1U, 2U, and 3U versions.

Factory-gradewireless protection

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For wireless networking in the factory environment, industrial-grade plastic enclosures protect computers, barcode label printers, touchscreens, and other ..electronic equipment without interfering with data transmission on WLANs. The enclosures are designed to be more resistant to corrosion, dents and scratches than comparable metal enclosures. The Nema 4×-designated enclosures prevent liquid or vapors from entering and coming in contact with enclosed equipment. Standard, kiosk-type, and custom-built enclosures are available.

Laying it on the line, in color

Super Chalk for all self-chalking line reels is designed to last three times longer than comparable contractor-grade chalk. With concentrated colors of vivid red, blue, and black, the manufacturer says Super Chalk creates crisp lines that last even when walked on or when wind-blown. It is especially suited for temporarily marking surfaces ranging from metal to wood and concrete. A complete line of self-chalking line reels, replacement lines, and swivel-action chalk line hooks are also available.

Copper alternative for short-haul

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The Small-Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) product line for short-haul networking applications includes the SFP-to-HSSDC-2 converter, active and passive patch cord assembly, copper loopback, SMT 20-position connector, and EMI cage. All products are designed to offer high-speed gigabit ..connection over copper Fibre Channel, providing an alternative to optical fiber in short-haul networking.

Patch cord parameter tester

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A patch cord testing capability for the Fluke DSP-4000 Series CableAnalyzer series is designed to provide a fast means of certifying and documenting ..transmission performance specification of patch cords, as specified by the TIA/EIA 568 B. One adapter is attached to the main test unit and the other is connected to the remote unit. Parameters tested include wiremap, propagation delay and delay skew, NEXT, and return loss.

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