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Fotec's DT500 series dual-source optical-fiber test kit lets you test both multimode and singlemode fibers at any wavelength, according to company claims

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Optical-fiber test kit

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Fotec's DT500 series dual-source optical-fiber test kit lets you test both multimode and singlemode fibers at any wavelength, according to company claims. These test kits contain LED sources for multimode fiber and laser sources for singlemode fiber, along with appropriate optical-fiber power meters. The test kits use the DM series optical-fiber power meters that feature automated testing and data logging in a cable-fiber database. Compati ble software lets you transfer data to a PC or use a PC as a "virtual power meter."

Fire-retardant plenum cable

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Designed to answer the concern of the increase in fire loads in air-return plenums, Berk-Tek's Limited Com bustible or CMP-50 cable features an improved fire-retardant design. The cables are jacketed and insulated with fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) fluoropolymer, and have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. ( to meet the requirements for lower smoke emissions and less flame spread. These are available in Category 3, 5, 5e, and Enhanced 5e. Also, the cables will meet the same electrical specifications as the CMP- and CMR-rated versions.

Intelligent media converter

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Omnitron Systems Technology's iConverter features network management software, fault tolerance, and physical layer remote fault detection and monitoring. The line includes a 19-unit, a 2-unit, or a 1-unit chassis, fiber-to-copper, and multimode-to-singlemode fiber converters for Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet. A triple-power-redundant managed chassis is de signed to provide a dense solution where rack space is at a premium. The company claims its 2-unit man-aged chassis provides the network's edge or customer premises (CP) with a cost-effective managed connectivity solution. When cost is a factor or there is no management required, the 1-unit unmanaged converter provides connectivity.

Power protection for small networks

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Featuring external battery modules, MGE UPS Systems' 1.4-kVA Pulsar Esprit Power Cluster is a mini-uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designed to back up two servers for more than 10 hours of power outage. Its devices are the first to incorporate extended mark-up language (XML) tags so that you can perform automatic, online monitoring and controlling. Also, the units feature a Windows 2000 CD that includes drivers for automatically installing a dedicated power panel for securing the UPS during a prolonged blackout. You can add modules that increase power ratings or levels of redundancy, as well as battery backup times as requirements grow. The company offers models up to 13.5 kVA and capable of protecting 15 servers.

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