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Krone's Krone patch cord has silver-plated, oxygen-free 23-gauge copper conductors for signal strength at higher frequencies

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Patch cord, collocation block, termination block

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Krone's Krone patch cord has silver-plated, oxygen-free 23-gauge copper conductors for signal strength at higher frequencies. Kevlar provides quadrilateral stability. An extra-long, extra-firm strain relief eliminates kinking at the plug, according to company claims. Also, an abuse-resistant, high-pressure, injection-molded boot locks-in the cable pairs.

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Krone's HighBand 10 collocation block 100-pair footprint complements the 200- and 300-pair versions. The collocation blocks are pre-terminated to four 25-pair female telephone company connectors mounted in the rear of the Back Mount Frame for broadband/DSL service deployments. Its 25-pair connectors are designed for top-feed cable assemblies. These blocks are designed for use with the company's Prestolite brand cable.

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Krone's high-density rack-mountable 5-pin building entrance terminal (BET) allows up to 18 (double-sided) units to be mounted on a standard 7-foot-tall, 19-inch-wide rack. The jumper side of the disconnect blocks are pre-terminated to four 25-pair female telephone company connectors mounted in the rear of the Back Mount Frame. Its 25-pair connectors are designed for top-feed cable assemblies. These blocks can be ordered with or without 5-pin protectors rated at 300 V with 350-mA heat coils.

Optical-fiber jumper assemblies

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ICC's MT-RJ line of optical-fiber jumper assemblies are designed to meet the need for higher port density in the telecommunications room, and offers twice the port density of traditional SC and ST fiber connectors, according to company claims. All of the jumpers use non-conductive optical fiber riser cable (OFNR), with each connector individually inspected for flaws and tested to meet industry-standard requirements. The assemblies are available in a range of lengths and configurations.

Low-loss cable assemblies

Corning Cable Systems' Platinum cable assemblies feature an insertion loss of 0.02 dB to give designers and installers the opportunity to reduce the loss budget associated with passive components in environments where the overall budget is constrained. These assemblies include singlemode SC connectors and are available with simplex designs. The connectors are compliant to TIA/EIA 604-3 and 604-4A, Fiber-Optic Connector Intermateability Standards for SC connectors, and the assemblies are designed and tested to Telcordia GR-326-CORE. All assemblies feature optimized ferrules for improved optical performance.

Surface-mount outlet box, raceway, seismic rack

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Panduit's Fast-Snap surface-mount outlet boxes are available in single-gang and double-gang versions. The single-gang box version is provided with adhesive backing, and is designed for communications applications with breakouts for single-channel LD-profile raceways (LDP, LD, LDS, CD). The double-gang version will accept two single-gang faceplates, and is rated for both power and communications applications, with breakouts for use with the LD2P10 raceway. A snap-on cover lets you install these tamper-resistant boxes without the use of tools.

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Panduit's two-piece, multi-channel-capable TG-45 raceway is a two-piece multi-channel-capable system that has the ability to route up to 34 Category 5 cables (eight to 17 workstations) within a 2-inch footprint. In addition, the system includes a multi-directional hinged cover designed to let you access the wiring from either side. Underwriters Laboratories Inc. ( to 600 V and CSA-certified to 300 V, this surface raceway system may be used for routing data, voice, video, fiber-optic, or power cabling.

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Available in 23- and 19-inch versions, Panduit's seismic telecommunications rack is designed to serve as the primary support structure for splicing and termination enclosures, cable management, and active equipment. It conforms to all the requirements of EIA/TIA 310-D, except for inside clearance, and is designed to meet Telcordia GR-63-CORE Seismic Zone 4 requirements with a load rating of 500 pounds. Also, the rack features a universal design that conforms to industry standards and can serve as a drop-in replacement for other manufacturers' racks.

Optical-fiber power meters

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Extech's optical-fiber power meters, models FO600 and FO610, let you input test parameters, including site name, date, fiber type, fiber length, and connectors and splices. The standard power model, FO600, measures from +5 dBm to -70dBm, while the high-power model, FO-610, measures from +25 dBm to -50 dBm, according to company claims. Its internal memory stores up to 1,000 labeled data records for up to four sites, and this information may be viewed on a large, backlit LCD with user prompts and options to re-measure, print, or delete. A built-in calculator determines the maximum allowable optical loss and provides Pass/Fail certification. Both models accept ST, SC, FC, DIN, and E2000 fiber connector types.

Termination tool

Th 73013
Click here to enlarge image's "Jack the Gripper" helps you terminate modular jacks without risk of injuring your hand with a punchdown tool. It is palm-sized, with an ergonomically designed, rubber surface designed to accommodate all 110-type modular jacks. This field tool also holds the cable in place, letting you maintain a tight twist while using a punchdown tool.

Optical-fiber cleaner/degreaser

American Polywater's Type FO optical-fiber wipe is a pre-saturated towelette for cleaning delicate fiber-optic cables during splicing. It removes dust, oils, and contaminants from optical connector end faces, polishing pads, and other related tools. The anhydrous alcohol has essentially no water content. Also, the package is designed to limit vapor exposure, and eliminates spill hazards and the need to transport bulk quantities of flammable alcohol.

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