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Nov. 1, 2001
ICC's optical-fiber work area multimedia box is offered in single- and double-gang configurations, and is available in white, ivory, and gray

Compiled by Ryan Cliche

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Wall outlet box, floor-to-ceiling raceway
ICC's optical-fiber work area multimedia box is offered in single- and double-gang configurations, and is available in white, ivory, and gray. The base of the single-gang box is designed to provide connection points for four SC/ST fibers or eight MT-RJ fibers, while the double-gang version is built to accommodate six ST/SC and 12 MT-RJ fibers at the base and up to eight copper/cable TV/fiber ports on the cover. A snap-on cover is compatible with the company's bezels and modules, and can house both copper and fiber applications. Also, the cover features two station IDs and color labeling icons for identification. It mounts into standard electrical boxes.

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ICC's 8-foot length raceway uses an adhesive-backed, one-piece design for efficient installation and cable routing.

The raceways come equipped with all necessary fittings from floor-to-ceiling, and are designed to maintain the minimum bend radius for both copper and fiber cables.

Its channels in corporate a self-locking latch and can be accessed multiple times without cracking or discoloring, according to company claims. Also, the vinyl material may be cut or trimmed to fit any application. The raceways are available in ivory, white, and gray, and in different widths and depths.

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Aluminum rack system
Integrating Systems and Technologies' Cable Control rack system is 100% aluminum with a hybrid-baked powder coat finish for corrosion protection and finish hardness. The unit is available in 10 to 32 or 12 to 24 drilled and tapped holes to the Electronic Industries Alliance ( universal hole standard. It includes rack-top cable containment, cable access through the unit at 20 different locations from four sides, and the com pany's cable containment foot design. Also, the unit features universal wire tie mounts that are adaptable to both the inside and outside of the unit.

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Intelligent UPS
Tripp Lite's SmartPro 2U uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system provides electronic equipment with power protection, including battery backup, automatic voltage regulation, surge suppression, and line-noise filtering. An intelligent microprocessor controls all UPS functions and uses an instruction set to monitor incoming power and environmental conditions to supply power protection to mission critical equipment. Two units may occupy the same 2U rack space and can be mounted back-to-back for efficient use of space. PowerAlert software monitors all UPS systems on a network, letting you respond to alerts such as system overloads, blackouts, and power fluctuations. Other features include an external battery connector, replaceable batteries, dual-output circuit breakers, emergency power-off connection, and a 10-foot power cord.

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System solutions catalog
Ortronics' 70-page 2001 System Solutions Guide gives a listing of the company's products. The guide highlights the company's traditional product lines, including workstation solutions, patch panels, modular cord and cable assemblies, 110 crossconnect systems, and racks and cable management.

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Tamper-proof faceplate, field termination kit
The Siemon Company's MAX tamper-proof faceplate is designed to provide a secure, low-profile faceplate for mounting the company's compatible modules. Its one-piece base mounts to any standard single-gang backbox and accepts up to six of the company's angled modules. A solid cover snaps onto the base and is secured by either a standard Phillips head or a tamper-proof screw. The design maintains proper bend radius for cables and is compatible with the company's existing products.

The Siemon Company's MT-RJ field termination kit is designed to increase installation yield rates, and features a set of termination tools along with a visual fault locator (VFL). This palm-sized dual-laser light source launches visible light into the connector, which can be used to identify conditions that degrade connector performance, such as opens or breaks in fiber. The company says visual inspection of connections prior to termination improves MT-RJ field termination success rates. An instructional video is available.

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3-phase UPS
Liebert Corp.'s Npower 3-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is intended for data center and telecommunications environments. It uses double-conversion technology for isolation from incoming utility- and generator-related power problems. The UPS is designed for protection from surges, sags, spikes, harmonics, and frequency variations common with the use of standby generators. It provides multiple communications paths to monitor and control in-band and out-of-band communications, including a front panel display, direct serial connection, or optional access from the network via SNMP connection.

Structured cabling catalog
ADI's 2001/2002 Commercial and Residential Structured Cabling and Networking catalog includes updated residential solutions as well as commercial products. Indexed by manufacturers, the guide contains product specifications and technical white papers. Specialized documents are designed to answer product questions while focusing on trends in the industry.

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Telecommunications data tester
CooperTools' Xcelite DataCom TDT1 telecommunications data tester is designed to verify the condition of wiring in patch cords and coaxial cables. The tester uses speech and lights to indicate cable conditions so you do not have to look at the tester to interpret a lighting sequence. It identifies open, short, and good cables so mistakes can be corrected before final installation. This tester checks F-type and BNC (adapter required) coaxial cables, as well as RJ-11 and RJ-45 telephone cables. Also, it conserves battery life by using power only during the test.

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Networking cabinet
Hoffman's welded steel networking cabinet is designed to house and ventilate networking and data communications equipment. Vented top and bottom panels combined with a louvered rear door create a "chimney effect" that draws cold air in through the bottom of the cabinet and exhausts hot air out through the top. The company says continuous cooling provided by these air currents improves performance and prolongs life expectancy for internally-mounted equipment. Pre-cut fan openings, holes for optional levelers and casters, and two rear cable-entry ports with grommets are standard. Reversible hinges, key-locking latch systems, adjustable rack angles, and additional door-mounting holes help you efficiently install and reconfigure the system.

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Protective eyewear
GPT Glendale's eyewear features an anti-laser filter for those working with and handling optical-fiber cable. This filter offers clear visibility, undistorted natural color perception, and protection for personnel working with or near these systems, according to company claims. You can choose lightweight, hard-coated polycarbonate or high-clarity optical glass, as well as frame styles including OTGs, which are designed to fit over prescription spectacles. The eyewear meets American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z136.1 standards, and basic polymer filters are CE-approved with European EN207 certification.

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Rack-mount outlet
Wiremold's eight-outlet rack-mount Plug-In Outlet Center units fit in 1U rack space in 19-inch EIA racks, cabinets, and enclosures. These outlets are spaced to accommodate transformers, improving the problem of blocked, unusable outlets. The eight rear outlets accommodate up to four transformers. Also, the outlets are rotated 90° to let transformers and power supplies seat and remain out of the way of other receptacles.

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