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The Fiber Raceway Outlet (FRO), billed as Fiber Management Solutions' non-intrusive outlet, is placed over the sidewall of a new or existing channel to create a vertical drop-off from a horizontal run

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Non-intrusive fiber outlet
The Fiber Raceway Outlet (FRO), billed as Fiber Management Solutions' non-intrusive outlet, is placed over the sidewall of a new or existing channel to create a vertical drop-off from a horizontal run. No tools of any kind are required. With a profile of two inches above the channel's edge, you can place the outlet at any point along the sidewall of several manufacturers' straight channels. The outlet comes with a two-piece cover with hinged rear portion so you can access express fibers bypassing the outlet without having to remove the main cover. This lets you add, move, or change without disturbing the fibers inside the outlet. Each outlet and accessories are constructed of an Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (Chicago, IL) 94V-O-compliant, flame-retardant engineered plastic.

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Flexible electrical wire
DeCorp's FlatWire Ready wire is the prototype of the DeCord, a thin, flexible wire that lets you bring electricity to any area of a wall or ceiling. The 110 AC/15-A or 220 AC/20-A electrical wire may be painted or wallpapered over. It eliminates the need to cut paths into ceilings, drill through wall studs, "fish" wire through walls or crawl spaces, install wire tracts or conduits, or run extension cords and cables along floors and trim. This technology utilizes ultra-thin parallel conductors insulated on each side by polyester film for audio, voice/data, electrical, cable television, or other low-voltage signals. A ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) facilitates adds and changes. The prototype shown here has a translucent casing, while the actual DeCord product will have an opaque casing.

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Handheld test line
Agilent's handheld test line for the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of optical fiber and transmission systems includes: optical power meter, dual laser source, and automated optical attenuator. Delivered with three interchangeable push-pull ad-apters for the connectors, the N3970A optical power meter has a battery life of up to 240 hours, can be used with autotest-compatible light sources to automate loss-testing functions, and provides automatic wavelength identification. The set-up lets you measure 1,310 nm and 1,550 nm, and store the results in one of the 845 flexible memory positions. In addition to assisting the power meter, the N3974A dual laser source features a battery life of up to 140 hours and a typical output power of -5 dBm at 1,310 and 1,550 nm, adjustable over 6 dB in 0.01 dB steps.

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Self-locking cable ties
Each No-Slip self-locking stainless steel tie by Panduit features a low-insertion-force head design that keeps the tie locked. The design provides strength, corrosion resistance, and temperature tolerance for adverse conditions, and includes rounded edges for protection and safety. Several varieties are available. Wave-Ty ties feature a wave-form spring action that combines the strength of steel with the high tension of a steel spring, providing loop tensile strength up to 200 pounds. General Purpose ties combine the low-insertion-force design with high-tensile strength to handle bundling applications. Coated Stainless Steel ties offer a high-resistant nylon coating that helps protect cables and operators from sharp edges. Accessories for the line include marking systems, custom-marked stainless steel tags, stainless steel mounts for bundle mounting, and stackable cable spacers for cable suspension applications.

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