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Feb. 1, 2019
Fiber Termination Tools
Fiber Termination Tools

Fusion splicer installation kit

Belden says its FX fusion installation kit and active-cladding alignment splicer delivers affordable, high-quality performance for consistent and reliable terminations. The splicer supports pigtail splicing as well as terminating FX Fusion splice-on connectors, and supports OM1, OM3, OM4 and OS2 fiber-cable types.

“Automated splicing tools provide real-time feedback allowing consistent high-quality terminations, drastically reducing installation errors,” Belden says. “Run exact-length channels to eliminate cable shorts and excess slack.” The splicer features a large, user-friendly display, the company adds, yet weighs 2.5 pounds. The built-in lithium-ion battery allows for 200 splice and heating cycles before needing a charge, allowing for maximum on-site flexibility.


Hubbell’s new fiber cleaning kit offering

Hubbell Premise Wiring recently introduced a complete line of advanced fiber cleaning products to promote good cleaning practices in all fiber installations. “Fiber inspection and cleaning practices are increasingly important with rapid growth of data center connectivity,” notes the company. “Emerging standards for mandatory inspection and quality have driven the need for advanced cleaning products.

The fiber industry is trending toward mandatory inspection for cleanliness, and requirements are proposed for the TIA-568.3 standard.” Hubbell’s fiber cleaning kits are available with a full assortment of Sticklers cleaning products; each item is also sold separately. A demonstration video is currently available on Hubbell’s website.

Hubbell Premise Wiring,

Fiber splicing workstation

U-TECK now offers its next-generation Fiber Splicing Workstation for fiber splicing at the splice or optical network terminal (ONT). Used in narrow manhole environments, inside tents, and for central office work, the workstation is also light enough for aerial work in a bucket, or attached directly to the cable support. The workstation stands 31.5 inches on sturdy legs. U-TECK’s cable management bracket fits securely on either side of the workbench, allowing jacketed strands to stay put and separated until you need them. Stand-off props attach directly to the workstation’s surface area, for a secure/level work surface when hanging over terminal casings inside data rooms, closets, or outdoors against a wall for wall-mounted ONTs or network interface devices (NIDs). The workstation surface area measures approximately 35.5x22.5 inches with a 100-pound weight capacity. The unit’s inside recessed area, 22x18 inches, holds tools, parts, and other splicing equipment. The workstation folds up quickly and easily for transport and storage.


5-in-1 fiber-optic stripper and Kevlar scissors

From Platinum Tools, the professional-quality 5-in-1 Fiber Optic Stripper and Kevlar Scissors are designed to be versatile and economical without compromising the expectations of the professional installer. These tools are manufactured from high carbon tool steel, precision ground and hardened for durability and long life. The tool’s five-cavity design allows for use with a multitude of fiber-optic cables. According to the manufacturer, it strips the following fibers: 2.8-3.0 mm outside jacket; 2.0-3.0 mm loose tube fiber; 2.0-2.4 mm outside jacket; 900 micron buffer; and 250 micron coating. The tool’s preset design ensures all cavities are precision set and no adjustments are required. Cushioned grip handles provide positive, non-slip, comfortable operation.

Platinum Tools,

Fiber’s ‘Swiss Army knife’

The Swift All-in-One KF4AV is a top-tier fusion splicer with precise alignment capabilities and the addition of a VFL and InGaAs power meter. The KF4AV systematically performs five major functions including stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing and sleeving.

As stated by the manufacturer, “This device ensures optimum optical functionality and eliminates the extra time and expenses used to correct errors.”

America Islintech,

Fiber mechanical connector

The Greenlee Communications Field Assembly Optical Connector (FAOC) is designed for fast and simple field termination of 3mm jacketed singlemode fiber-optic cables, without polishing or epoxy. This mechanical connector is made with precision and high-quality zirconia ferrules and provides a highly reliable connection. The FAOC is available for 3mm buffered singlemode fibers in SC/APC format.


Patch Panels

Belden’s REVConnect preloaded patch panels

For faster deployment in enterprise networks, the REVConnect preloaded patch panels from Belden save time and simplify logistics with one termination method for patch panels and workstations. They can be terminated from the rear or front and identified using labels or icons. Removable 6-port modules with a unique cable-measuring feature keep cables organized during termination and improve cable management.

Panels assemble efficiently in live equipment cabinets and wall-mount racks, and support fast ordering with one part number. Other features include: fully assembled with 24 or 48 jack housings and REVConnect cores; cable management bar included (one for 24-port, two for 48-port); preprinted ID card and labeling window for port identification; available in Category 5e, 6 and 6A, black or white (for low-light environments) and flat or angled configurations.


Clarity HDJ shielded panels

Legrand says its Clarity HDJ shielded panels are designed with the installer in mind. The panel “pairs top-of-the-line quality with features that make installation a breeze,” the company adds.

The shielded panels are ideal for high-speed network and high electromagnetic interference (EMI) environments; they accept new rear-loading shielded High Density Jacks (HDJ) that feature a lacing-cap termination. The panels are available in 24- and 48-port versions, in 1 or 2 RU of space with flat and angled, and black and white configurations.


Platinum Tools shielded and unshielded Unloaded Patch Panels line

The new 24- and 48-port shielded and unshielded Unloaded Patch Panel line from Platinum Tools is now available. Per the company, “The Unloaded Patch Panels make media integration easy, flexible, and field-configurable by populating the ports as needed by mixing and matching keystones, replacing a damaged port, and adding new runs.

They also make category upgrades simple, maximize limited rack space, and are perfect for residential or small office applications.” Additional features include use with RJ45 Ethernet, HDMI audio/video, voice, USB, and other keystone applications; numbered ports for easy connection identification; write-on labels with protective covers; mounts into 1U/2U of EIA-standard 19-inch 2-post rack or wall-mount rack enclosure; and support and management bar that is removable and includes cable zip ties to secure cables.

Platinum Tools,

Patch Panels

FDX 20 splice boxes

Phoenix Contact’s FDX 20 series fusion splice boxes “ensure continuously reliable data transmission in real time,” the company says. “With their compact and uniform design, the splice boxes provide ample interior space for the secure connection of fiber optics.” The FDX 20 has a capacity of up to 24 multimode or singlemode fibers.

It is available in LC, SC, ST, and E200 connector variants. The DIN-rail-mounted splice boxes come empty or preassembled with pigtails that the user can splice the fiber cable to. Once the fusion splice has taken place, the spliced fiber can be secured into the cable tray with the patented strain-relief system.

Phoenix Contact,

Clearfield’s FxMP patch panel

Clearfield’s FieldSmart Fiber Crossover Multi Purpose (FxMP) patch panel provides an interconnect or crossconnect environment for up to 288 SC ports or 576 LC ports of high density fiber for inside plant environments and outside plant FDH deployments.

This high-density, low-maintenance fiber distribution panel is optimized for use in a data style rack/cabinet, a 19-inch (482.60-mm) or a 23-inch (584.20-mm) frame. Utilizing the proprietary Clearview cassette, the company says its FieldSmart FxMP panels “are intelligently designed to provide the user with superior fiber access and craft-friendly, radius-protected fiber management for routing and deploying fiber jumpers.”


Belden’s FX ECX patch panel system

According to Belden, the “FiberExpress ECX (FX ECX) is an elegant, intuitive and flexible solution designed to maximize installer flexibility when compared to competitive solutions. Optimized for LAN environments, it’s an easy-to-deploy, efficient system. With front and rear removable cassettes, FX ECX provides multiple options for cable strain relief during frequent MAC work.

Cassette rails are molded into the housing, simplifying installation with fewer detachable components.” The unit also accepts mixed-media copper/fiber using the proprietary KeyConnect frames, reducing space and costs. Cassette pinch points are eliminated with the FX ECX splice cassettes that integrate slack management into the cassette lid. Other features include: up to 192 LC duplex ports (384 fibers) in a 4U housing; toolless, removable, clear doors and top covers for better light and visibility; a removable front and rear housing (4U). The system supports multiple termination techniques.


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