BICSI 2019 Winter Conference

Jan. 1, 2019
Look for these products and systems on display at the BICSI 2019 Winter Conference & Exhibition, being held January 20-23, in Orlando, FL.

Look for these products and systems on display at the BICSI 2019 Winter Conference & Exhibition, being held January 20-23, in Orlando, FL.

MaxCell Edge flexible fabric innerduct

According to the company, the MaxCell Edge flexible fabric innerduct will help increase density in your network while preserving space for future bandwidth expansion. The innerduct’s unique fabric construction allows it to conform to the shape of cables placed within, greatly reducing the wasted space associated with rigid innerduct.

Suitable for a variety of applications—including greenfield, overlay, congested ducts, curb-to-building, and complex routes in difficult terrain—MaxCell’s 1- to 4-inch products are designed to fit any network project. “Most importantly, the MaxCell Edge is easily installed, cutting total deployment time and associated costs,” according to the company.

MaxCell, www.maxcell.usBooth 521

Self-enclosed, managed, hardened Gigabit Ethernet PoE++ switch

Transition Networks says its new Gigabit Ethernet PoE++ switch “is an all-in-one solution, making it quick, easy and cost-effective to deploy, extend, and manage IP devices in security and other networks. This unique switch offers 60W of power on 4 ports simultaneously or ≤ 90W per port on individual ports for a total power budget of 240W.

One 10/100/1000Base-T or 100/1000Base-X SFP/RJ-45 combo port is included; a second optional maintenance/uplink port is available. The switch is equipped with near field communication (NFC), allowing simple and repeatable configuration of multiple switches using a user-friendly app on a mobile device prior to connecting or powering up the switch. Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capability allows remote access to alarm information or to read/change equipment settings without requiring physical access by ladders or scissor lifts. These features reduce time, expense and access challenges of installing high-speed cameras or other devices in industrial or outdoor environments."

Transition Networks, www.transition.comBooth 620

Softing’s NetXpert XG

“The previously released WireXpert from Softing is the perfect tool for certifying new cables during installation,” the company asserts. “So what sort of cable tester and active network management tool should you use after the installation crew is gone, and the network is up and running?

Introducing the NetXpert XG. Do you need cable tests and active network management for the deployment’s cable, clients, servers, printers, routers, switches, and IoT devices? The NetXpert XG is the only cable tester and active network manager that sends 10G/sec through the network to measure speed (BERT), SNR, and delay skew all in one test." Per the company, “NetXpert XG tests and manages both copper and fiber networks, measures length of cable, distance to open/shorts, has a tone generator, and displays wire maps, PoE testing, device discovery, and more.” Softing will also show why the NetXpert XG is a useful tool for installers and end-users of all types.


Booth 721

Chatsworth Products’ RMR Industrial Enclosures

“Guard your equipment against harsh environments when expanding the network to the edge,” explains Chatsworth Products Inc. “Trust the RMR Industrial Enclosures product line by Chatsworth Products to protect equipment in both indoor and outdoor locations.

The RMR enclosures are advanced storage solutions, engineered with cutting-edge sealing technology, that provide UL-Listed, NEMA and IEC IP protection ratings. The enclosures are completely sealed, providing electronic equipment with added protection from the intrusion of solid foreign objects, such as dirt, dust, lint and fibers, as well as from non-corrosive, liquid ingresses like light dripping, splashing, rain, sleet, snow and hose down.” According to CPI, the RMR enclosures deliver innovation, configurability and quality in features that include: rapid product modification and kitting; cooling, cable management and accessory options; multiple mounting options and accessories.

Chatsworth Products Inc., Booth 729

S179 handheld core alignment fusion splicer from OFS

The FITEL S179 handheld core alignment fusion splicer from OFS delivers fast and reliable fiber-optic splices, even under harsh environmental conditions, the company says. “Designed with end users in mind, this splicer opens the door to an entirely new range of applications,” according to OFS. “The S179 splicer’s internal battery charging system delivers 200 splicing cycles in one charge and is built to withstand rugged field use.

While a high-grade LCD touch screen allows simple, intuitive operation, four LED illumination lamps offer easy observation of the entire splicing chamber. A detachable V-groove facilitates easy maintenance and lens cleaning. The S179 splicer’s key features also include: a 4.3-inch-wide LCD screen; WiFi networking ability; high-speed operation; 6-second splice time; near field communication (NFC) capabilities; a wide splicing chamber for easy fiber loading; excellent shock, drop, water and dust resistance. Suitable for ultra-bend insensitive and large area effective fibers, this splicer is an excellent choice for a wide range of deployments including FTTx, LAN, backbone, enterprise, long-haul and data centers.”

OFS, www.ofsoptics.comBooth 305

PowerHUBB PoE lighting and control system

Hubbell’s PowerHUBB is an enterprise-level, Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting and control platform that seamlessly integrates luminaires, sensors, user interfaces and software for a scalable, intelligent building control solution, the company says. PowerHUBB provides building owners and operators with a fully integrated, Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

Per the company, “Today’s smart building requires a robust IoT technology platform that is efficient, and scales with the needs of the building owner and occupant. PowerHUBB meets these expectations and accurately collects building performance data and provides analytics to help make actionable building performance and utilization decisions.” The PowerHUBB scalable software suite provides configurable options for delivering advanced customized energy saving and building automation strategies. With the PowerHUBB open API, third-party solutions can also be enabled and incorporated. According to Hubbell, “PowerHUBB’s enterprise technology provides a clear path for cost-effective smart building deployments, delivering the best ROI in the industry."

Hubbell Premise Wiring

www.hubbell.comBooth 1221

Snake Tray’s recessed remote equipment cabinet

Snake Tray’s new recessed remote equipment cabinet offers a secure remote consolidation point for distributed network equipment and lessens the heat load and density inside the telecom room (TR), the company explains. “With flexible mounting options, the cabinet mounts easily between studs in new and existing construction,” Snake Tray adds.

“The architecturally pleasing metal bezel with hinged door includes vented louvers, and can be powder coated for seamless integration into any office environment. Optional equipment components are available with a wide variety of cable management apparatus, cooling fan kits and modular equipment racks.”

Snake Tray, Booth 914

AFL’s FOCIS Lightning Ultrafast MPO/MTP connector inspection system

AFL describes FOCIS Lightning as “an ultrafast MPO/MTP connector inspection system with twin 5M pixel CMOS sensors to image the entire MPO endface simultaneously and perform multifiber inspections 10 to 100 times faster than legacy systems. The full connector endface image is displayed in less than two seconds from power-on—a capability unique in the industry.

Additional key features include: key up/key down polarity capture with fiber one identification; support for all MPO fiber configurations, including Base-8 and Base-10; support for up to 2 rows and 16 fibers per row; auto-focus and auto-analysis to IEC standards; ability to scroll through all individual fiber images, analysis overlays, and zone tables. Easy-to-use Bluetooth wireless connectivity to AFL’s FOCIS Flex mobile app also provides a conduit to AFL’s aeRos cloud-based workflow management platform, where the connector level image, zone table and pass/fail results are captured and preserved. The FOCIS Lightning adapter tips support both MPO-12 and MPO-16 connector types, and both flat and angled endfaces. The FOCIS Lightning is also available with a single fiber coupler, allowing this probe to complete all single fiber inspection tasks using the dozens of connector adapter tips offered by AFL.”

AFL, www.aflglobal.comBooth 1033

VIAVI’s SmartClass Fiber MPOLx test set

From VIAVI Solutions, the SmartClass Fiber MPOLx dedicated optical loss test set “is designed to help technicians perform all the necessary test requirements for Tier 1 (Basic) certification in a single solution, including the ability to: measure MPO length; measure optical loss; check polarity; inspect fiber endfaces; generate certification reports,” VIAVI says.

“The MPOLx platform provides a source and power meter that integrate essential MPO test capabilities together to ensure a fast and reliable workflow when testing and certifying network links with native MPO connectivity. A single technician can inspect MPO endfaces and perform tests from either end of the connection without the need for complex fanout cables or extensive time walking back and forth between the two units.” VIAVI adds that the MPOLx delivers comprehensive test results in less than 6 seconds for all 12 fibers of the MPO connector, providing pass/fail results.

Viavi Solutions,

Booth 902

America Ilsintech’s Swift KF4AV fusion splicer

The new Swift KF4AV is a top-tier fusion splicer that retains all the features of the KF4A, in addition to VFL (visual fault locator) and power-meter capabilities, the company says. “This all-in-one device systematically performs five major functions including stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing, and sleeving,” according to America Ilsintech.

Using two mechanisms, the VFL and the InGaAs power meter, the KF4AV ensures optimum fiber-optic quality after splicing, the company notes. The VFL uses a 650-nm red laser to locate and visibly display any failure points throughout the cable. The ferrule is inserted into the VFL port while it’s active and the red laser is projected through the connector ferrule into the fiber, highlighting any faulty areas. The KF4AV also includes an internally installed InGaAs power meter, with the capability to check the level of optical to ensure adequacy and stability. These new additions ensure optimum optical functionality and eliminate the extra time and expense used to correct common splicing errors, America Ilsintech concludes.

America Ilsintech, americailsintech.comBooth 710

Vis Divide’s future-ready pathway

Milliken Cable Management will display how its Vis Divide allows expansion of infrastructure capacity. “With the growing demand on our infrastructure, it’s no longer a question of if you’ll need to expand, but when,” the company says. “No matter when that time comes, you’ll be looking for ways to save time and money by making the best use of your current infrastructure.

With Vis Divide, you’ll have options for expansion and growth.” Vis Divide is a segmented high-density polyethylene (HDPE) rigid conduit that provides dedicated pathways for the placement of more than one cable using a fabric divider molded directly into the conduit. The product increases cable capacity, improves construction productivity, and provides more cabling options for the design professional. Installers can place up to three cables within a single conduit, or leave one or more paths open for future expansion.

Milliken Cable Management, visisthefuture.comBooth 300

Legrand’s PDUs and UPSs

Legrand’s power distribution units (PDUs) and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are “engineered with performance in mind,” the company says, adding that they provide design flexibility and ease of installation into any building network, data center, or edge environment.

The solutions provide a variety of densities, capacities, and connector options for maximum compatibility. Legrand explains that it “combines these power products with purposefully designed cabinets, racks, and connectivity products to create the Simplified Edge Solution.” The company notes this solution “eliminates the complexity of ordering and integrating components from many different vendors, providing a seamless solution that is guaranteed to work together.” Legrand adds that through its Simplified Edge Solutions, it "can best meet the needs of your space and budget through one vendor wherever your edge deployment is, with resources and people to support it."

Legrand, legrand.usBooth 833

Oberon’s ceiling-mounted access point enclosure

Oberon’s Model 1019 Envelop enclosures conceal WiFi and small cell access points, WiFi routers, and associated cabling in residence halls, hotels, multiple dwelling units, retail locations and other indoor venues.

Users recess the access point into the wall to conceal it with the low-profile, paintable, snap-on cover. The UL 94-5VB acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) enclosure “is virtually transparent to wireless signals, so there is minimal impact on wireless coverage,” Oberon says. The 1019 features slots for TIA-569-B-compliant furniture faceplate RJ45 modular jacks, to facilitate cable termination and management.

Oberon Wireless,oberoninc.comBooth 1201

US Conec’s MTP PRO connector

The MTP PRO connector leverages all the proven features and technology of the existing MTP connector while providing the flexibility of pin and polarity reconfiguration in the field without disassembling the connector. By eliminating the need to remove the housing, pins can be installed and removed without handling loose pins—ensuring a highly reliable reconfigured cable assembly, US Conec explains.

“The creatively engineered pin keeper ensures robust retention of the pins, eliminating any concern of pin transfer,” the company says. “Polarity also can be reconfigured through a simple insertion into the polarity port, reversing the key configuration by retracting the exposed key while simultaneously extracting a hidden key on the opposite side.” The longer push-pull sleeve can be accessed and used for insertion and removal, as is the installer’s natural tendency. The MTP PRO dust cap encapsulates the push-pull sleeve with a static-dissipative material to minimize the charging effects and decrease debris generation.

US Conec, usconec.comBooth 535

Signamax’s data center hybrid panel

The Signamax Data Center Hybrid Panel allows users to install multiple media types into a single, fluent, and universal footprint that is well-suited for the data center or across the enterprise, the company says. “This high-density panel eliminates rack space by consolidating multiple cable types into one unit that accepts copper, fiber, and coaxial cabling,” according to Signamax.

“Perfect for a top-of-rack design with 12-port A and B fabrics for server connections, but that also needs 12 ports of copper for the PDUs or console management.” Designed with a slide mechanism allowing access for each cassette to be interchanged from the front or back of the panel, it also features zero-U front and rear cable management options. Signamax exmphasizes that the panel's small footprint offers a modernized look and feel for the colocated data center. The hybrid panel is part of Signamax's product portfolio that also includes rack-mount and wall-mount enclosures, patch cords, and a preterminated fiber-optic cabling system.


Booth 704

AEM’s TestPro Multifunction Cable Tester

The TestPro Multifunction Cable Tester “certifies cable in half the time at half the cost and with more testing capability than other testers,” AEM says. “Enterprises are fast embracing the digital network infrastructure in an effort to realize cost savings in utilities and greener footprints.

The need for power and bandwidth is rapidly increasing, driving the adoption of technologies such as PoE and multi-gig Ethernet over copper cabling, not to mention the requirement to ensure that the physical infrastructure is certified.” Because deploying and troubleshooting these systems can be daunting, it is important to have the right toolset, AEM adds. “To meet this growing need, AEM designed the TestPro Multifunction Cable Tester, a purpose-built, rugged field tester designed to quickly and easily ensure the digital infrastructure is fully qualified to support the deployment of IoT-connected devices—be it monitors, computer workstations, wireless access points, multi-sensor cameras, building entry, and a plethora of other devices.” AEM will conduct live demonstrations at their booth.

AEM, AEM-Test.comBooth 401

PoE Texas’s PoE Conference Room

PoE Texas says its PoE Conference Room product enables users to “convert any room into a cloud-based conference room with just four network cables and a system that can be installed in a day.” The PoE Conference Room builds on Power over Ethernet technology “to deliver cloud-based conference rooms for small and medium-sized businesses for 30-percent less, and a fraction of the time of traditional AC power,” the company adds.

“The system comes with the core, high-powered PoE switches and injectors that support the combined PoE Gateway and Display—up to 46-inch display on PoE—an iPad-based room controller for the conference room, and an iPad-based room scheduler. You can also expand your conference-room amenities with a node-centric four-pair PoE Extender at the conference-room table that can power up to four PoE devices from one network run.” The PoE Conference Room is compatible with Zoom Room, Webex, Skype, Google Meet and other conferencing systems.

PoE Texas, Booth 1216

Greenlee Communications’ Micro OPM

Greenlee Communications characterizes the Micro OPM (Optical Power Meter) as “the essential tool for premise technicians so they can effectively and safely test and troubleshoot all FTTx, fiber-optic links, and networks.” The OPM allows the technician to validate power levels and perform insertion loss measurements in conjunction with a compatible laser source.

At the same time, the integrated visual fault locator (VFL) visually identifies broken and/or damaged fibers as well as contaminated and/or faulty optical connectors. Greenlee adds that it “offers a complete line of innovative test and measurement solutions for the communication service provider to address all stages of network deployment, enabling the development, installation, and maintenance of xDSL, fiber, cable, and wireless networks.”

Greenlee Communications

Booth 104

Kramer Electronics’ AV control solution

At the heart of the solution Kramer will have on display is the VSM-4x4HFS matrix switcher/multi scaler. Kramer enables multiple ways to display content on a 2x2 video wall, and the VSM-4x4HFS “is the simplest, most-cost-effective way of performing this task with no complicated menus or settings,” the company says. “A simple button press on the front panel arranges any of the incoming sources to display across the four outputs.

Additionally, the VSM-4x4HFS matrix is a seamless switcher when in matrix mode, providing perfect cuts between source selection.” Kramer also will show the TP-780Txr and TP-780Rxr HDBase-T transmitters and receivers that provide long-distance connectivity between the matrix switcher and displays. These models feature extended reach to 590 feet, as well as support for PoE, Ethernet, IR and RS-232. “All functions are controlled by the Kramer Control solution, featuring the KT-107 touch-panel user interface,” the company adds.

Kramer Electronics,kramerav.comBooth 1007

Fluke Networks’ OTDRs

Fluke Networks’ new OptiFiber Pro Series OTDRs and high-dynamic-range OTDRs “make novices experts, and experts faster,” the company says. “Automated setup with Manual Expert mode allows users to optimize performance by easily modifying automated settings.

Automated identification of splitters simplifies PON [passive optical network] and FTTx troubleshooting while a gesture-based user interface speeds in-depth trace analysis. SmartLoop technology enables the testing of two fibers in both directions, and averages the measurements as required by TIA-568.3-D in seconds—without taking the OTDR to the far end. The future-ready design can be upgraded to support Cat 5 to Cat 8 certification, singlemode and multimode fiber loss and fiber inspection. It integrates with LinkWare Live to manage jobs and testers from any smart device.”

Fluke Networks, flukenetworks.comBooth 215

EXFO's end-to-end Tier-1 and Tier-2 test solution

This year at BICSI, EXFO will be showcasing its “top-of-the-line OTDR and OLTS kits for Tier-1 and Tier-2 certification, along with its ConnectorMax MPO Link Test Solution for testing polarity, continuity and connector cleanliness,” the company says.

The company adds it also will demonstrate its “flexible 10M to 100G testers, featuring the innovative and modular open transceiver system (OTS) that enables support between current or future high-speed transceivers. Discover why these solutions make EXFO a leading provider of end-to-end validation solutions for all applications related to MPO testing, including the enterprise market, data centers and CORDs.” EXFO points out that its ConnectorMax MPO Link Test Solution is compatible with APC and UPC male and female connectors, produces automatic PDF reporting to ensure the job was done correctly, works with a mobile device app to view all results in a single pane, allows customizable pass/fail thresholds, and includes an integrated cable-stowing system.

EXFO, www.exfo.comBooth 1028

Platinum Tools’ unloaded patch panels

The new 24- and 48-port shielded and unshielded Unloaded Patch Panel line from Platinum Tools is now available. According to Platinum Tools, “The Unloaded Patch Panels make media integration easy, flexible, and field-configured by populating the ports as needed by mixing and matching keystones, replacing a damaged port, and adding new runs.

They also make category upgrades simple, maximize limited rack space, and are perfect for residential or small-office applications.” The company points out that other features of the panels include compatibility with RJ-45, HDMI AV, voice, USB, and other keystone applications; numbered ports to ease identification; write-on labels with protective covers; the ability to mount into 1U/2U of 19-inch enclosures; and a removable support and management bar.

Platinum Tools, platinumtools.comBooth 100

Fiber Instrument Sales’ 1RU high-density cassette enclosure

Fiber Instrument Sales’ (FIS) High Density Breakout Cassette, 1RU Enclosure “provides a high-density plug-and-play solution within a data center infrastructure,” the company says. “It offers a secure breakout point from multifiber MPO trunk cables to duplex LC patch cables.

This modular platform provides a rapid installation and deployment solution. Install up to three HD Breakout Cassettes for a total of 144 fibers loaded in the 1RU enclosure.” The enclosure fits into a standard 19-inch rack. Mounting adapter brackets extend past the front and back of the enclosure to assist with incoming fiber management. A fiber lacing bar also is included along the back of the enclosure to route fibers. Front and rear doors are easily removable and provide access to the cassette’s fiber connections.

Fiber Instrument Sales, fiberinstrumentsales.comBooth 608

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