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The Barracuda 22-inch wide broadcast and broadband rack is designed specifically for companies delivering video, voice and data.

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Video/voice/data racks

Th 201901
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The Barracuda 22-inch wide broadcast and broadband rack is designed specifically for companies delivering video, voice and data. Offered in a variety of heights and depths that are targeted at cable head ends and IP video hub offices, the Barracuda line features integrated anchoring holes in a fully-welded 14-gauge steel frame, as well as pre-cut and drilled isolation pads and bushings to isolate the frame from the floor. Unistrut-based overhead cable ladder interface kits with 5/8-inch stand-off insulators mount directly to the top of the frame, supporting and isolating overhead cable ladder. The company ships the pieces (includes hardware) painted to match the rack; frames are pre-punched to reduce on-site drilling.

Compact fan-out fiber assemblies

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Featuring a proprietary optical circuit technology, these optical-fiber fan-out assemblies are designed to transition one or more multi-fiber ribbons into individual 900-µm buffered fibers for termination to any single fiber connector type. The streamlined fan-out design, 30 percent smaller than the company’s original design, minimizes the transition space by eliminating a traditional, cumbersome breakout box. The proprietary Concours technology couples the bare fiber and protective buffer tube to the flexible substrate, eliminating fiber pistoning at the 900-µm and 250-µm transition, resulting in a more reliable interface. Fan-outs are available in virtually any fiber count, and are especially suited for high-channel-count requirements, including multi-row MT ferrules and planar waveguide interface applications.

Close-to-ceiling cable management

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“L” wire cable tray can be used in conjunction with I beams or C beams, allowing the beam profile to become part of the cable containment pathway. It is especially designed for tight installations or where cable must be installed close to ceiling or deck. ETC tray beam support clamps, designed for use with the “L” tray, attach directly to a beam without the need for additional hardware. The clamps can also attach any tray directly to existing equipment, or for cable management between distribution racks or inside rack enclosures. Tray and beam support clamps are available in a variety of finishes, including electrozinc, hot-dipped galvanized, stainless steel, black, and custom-painted.

ST connector for fiber-to-the-home

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The Field Assembly Technique ST (FAST-ST) connector is designed for quick and clean on-site terminations for fiber-to-the-home installations. The connector terminates to both 250-µm and 900-µm diameter fiber, achieved through a “staggered” clamping method to the fiber’s outer coating. According to company claims, connectorization can be done in less than 30 seconds. Each factory-polished connector comes with its own disposable wedge set for easier preparation and termination. A V-groove mechanical splice technology eliminates the need for epoxies. Average insertion loss for singlemode fiber is 0.2 dB, with return loss at 55 dB. For 62.5-µm multimode, average insertion loss is 0.03 dB, and for 50-µm is 0.07 dB .

Monitored, three-phase power distribution unit

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The HP 17.3 kVA S348 Monitored PDU (North America and Japan) supports rack-mount applications with three-phase power-in and single-phase power-out. A local power display delivers the ability to set up and configure the PDU and monitor it for RMS current, status, and overload conditions. The single-feed device features 12 C-19 outlets especially suited for 1U blade power enclosures, and fits 22U and 47U racks. Power cords extend from either the bottom or top of the rack. Input feeds feature color-coded load identification for all receptacles, display, and circuit breakers. The front panel has a two-digit, seven-segment LED digital display showing the current in each circuit breaker, a scroll-down button to scroll through values, and six LEDs that indicate current overloads and voltage out-of-range conditions. Current monitoring consists of two-digit RMS current, with load segment LEDs reporting normal, caution, and warning conditions. Voltage monitoring measures over-voltage and under-voltage on any output load segment. Remote power monitoring is available via an optional serial SNMP card. An international configuration (HP 22.1 kVA S332) is also available.

Ground transient system

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To address the damage to security installation equipment from ground transients, Spike Block offers a filtering technology that safely installs in series with the ground line of electrical equipment. According to the company, the device provides complete protection from ground transients even when surges exceed 7,000 volts. Spike Block is designed to maintain full continuity with the ground line, attenuates transients in the 50 MHz to 2 GHz range, and operates in environments ranging from -40° to 185° F.

Home entertainment via Category 5/5e

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The Leviton Entertainment & Applications Platform (LE&AP) stores and distributes digital audio, video and music content over Category 5/5e cabling, and serves as an Internet-sharing gateway for home cabling installations. The system consists of a digital distribution center, and one or more digital players (music, video, photos) with remote control. The company says the system can be easily integrated into any new or existing home that is networked with a properly installed structured cabling system.
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Router for coax-broadband

The MI424-WR broadband home router features support for the new Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) networking standard, which permits digital entertainment and information content to be transmitted and distributed to multiple home devices over coaxial cable. The router also supports Ethernet and Wi-FI, and comes standard with a four-port 10/100 Mbits/sec Ethernet switch for wired networking, a built-in 802.11g wireless access point, and LAN and WAN MoCA support that allows IP streams carried over fiber networks to be distributed to TVs, computers, and VoIP-enabled phones. A CPU capable of processing as much as 80x the throughput of earlier generation broadband routers makes it possible for the MI424-WR to simultaneously handle multiple high-throughput streams, including standard and HDTV-based video programming.

10th edition catalog for fiber LAN products

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The full-color, 10th Edition LANscape Solutions Fiber Optic Products Catalog includes a comprehensive set of integrated product features, specifications, applications, and ordering information. The catalog offers detailed information on indoor and outdoor cable varieties, connectors, hardware and assemblies, splice and test equipment, and engineering services. New to the catalog is information on the company’s LANscape Pretium solutions, a tip-to-tip system for LANs and data centers. Also included is information on the company’s new Plug & Play Universal System, which is a pre-terminated optical-fiber network infrastructure solution.

Quad-, tri-shield mini coax cable

Th 201912
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An expanded line of mini RG-59 coax cable and connectors now includes quad- and tri-shield solutions for broadband routers and switching equipment where immunity to conducted disturbances is required in space-limited installations. The quad-shield coax features a 100 percent bonded foil, 95 percent inner braid, 100 percent foil and 90 percent outer braid configuration, and 23-AWG solid copper conductor. The tri-shield coax features a 100 percent bonded foil, 95 percent inner braid, and 100 percent outer foil-designed to provide significantly greater EMI/RFI protection than standard mini RG-59 while maintaining flexibility. Cables are available individually and in five-pack. The company’s one-piece mini conductors are also available in MCX, F, and BNC.

Automatic switching for multiple circuits

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The T-APS-R-15 is a rack-mountable system engineered to protect up to 15 separate T-1 or E-1 circuits, connecting phone or data systems to alternate links. The switches then automatically toggle to the redundant link when the quality of the line begins to fail. Through local or remote configuration, you can manually select the quality level at which the line will activate the switches. Developed from customer requests to accommodate larger installations and circuit protection, the T-APS-R15 system can be managed via SNMP, Telnet, or serial interface.

Four-port midspan PoE controller

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The four-port TrueNet Midspan Power over Ethernet Controller is designed to provide a flexible way to power IP devices over a LAN. The IEEE 802.3af-compliant device supports small, medium and branch office applications, Wi-Fi access point installations, IP security cameras, RFID equipment, and other network devices. Delivering DC power to up to four devices, the controller eliminates the need to upgrade existing Ethernet switches or use local AC power to each device separately. Other features include full 15.4-watt power capabilities on all ports, and redundant connections for two power supplies. The unit can be shelf-, wall-, or rack-mounted to support a variety of powering applications.

Stripping tools

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A self-adjusting cut-and-strip tool (pictured), which can be used on more than 90 percent of wires and cable without having to adjust the tool, will cut and strip 34- through 8-gauge wire. Also available is a heavy-duty stripping tool for cables of all insulation types. Cable capacity is up to 1.57 inches, and insulation thickness is up to 0.18-inches. Also new is a stripping tool for removing insulation from copper and optical-fiber cables. Cable capacity is up to 0.43 inches, and insulation thickness is up to 0.04 inches.

Hybrid GGP patch cords

Th 201917
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Ideal for exposed applications, these hybrid optical-fiber patch cords are made from high-strength 3M glass/glass/polymer (GGP) cable. They can be custom-terminated with ST, SC, MT-RJ, LC, or VF-45-style connectors. Available lengths range from 1 to 30 meters.

2-port Ethernet optical-fiber transceiver

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The DE7200 Series 2-port Ethernet optical-fiber transceivers are designed to transmit either 10 Mbits/sec or 100 Mbits/sec Ethernet data over multimode or singlemode fiber ports, or electrical. The transceiver can be used for point-to-point Ethernet transmission, whether within an existing network or in facilities where there is no Ethernet cabling infrastructure. Ethernet transmission has an effective range of up to 45 kilometers. The unit is appropriate for corporate data networks, access control systems, video over IP, and other systems requiring extended Ethernet transmission. It has been engineered for use in harsh environments commonly found with security and ITS applications, with an operating temperature range of -40° C to 74° C.

Injection-molded couplers

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Category 5e molded RJ-45 female-to-female couplers are available in shielded and non-shielded as well as 180° shielded interfaces, and come in a variety of colors for easy identification. They can be used either standalone or panel-mounted.

Circuit-integrity security cabling

Th 0602cimnpsafe T Line
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An expanded line of Safe-T-Line cables now includes circuit integrity (CI), integrity power-limited tray cables (CI-PLTC), and circuit integrity in conduit (CIC) media. CI and CIC cables are used to connect a fire command center to various zones within a building, and are engineered to help ensure continued operation of a building’s emergency warning systems, allowing occupants sufficient time to evacuate safely. CI cables have been tested to and passed the two-hour UL 2196 flame test without the use of conduit. According to the manufacturer, however, since the CI cables cannot be deployed in conduit and still maintain their two-hour rating, they are riser-rated only. CIC cables have also passed the UL 2196 flame test while installed in EMT conduit; they are designated for use in plenum installations, but cannot be deployed outside of conduit. To ensure flame test ratings, the Safe-T-Line features thermoset elastomer insulation, and flame-retardant, low-smoke-zero-halogen (LSZH) polyolefin jackets. Cables are available in solid, stranded shielded, or unshielded construction, and in various AWG sizes to meet a variety of application requirements.

Remote access for up to 48 devices

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The HP 16-port and 48-port serial console servers enable staffed data centers to move people out of computer rooms, allowing server and device accessibility from a local workstation via a LAN/WAN connection. The serial consoling solution uses Category 5 cables to connect to any serially-managed device, facilitating cable routing and allowing for field termination of cable lengths. The servers provide remote access to headless servers, such as those running UNIX, Linux, or Microsoft Windows 2003 with EMS, as well as serially-managed devices, such as network switches and routers-from any workstation on the network, or from a local terminal. Both models mount in 1U or rack space.

Video, audio over fiber

Th 201921
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The VAB710 system (video audio baseband) simultaneously transmits digital video and two audio signals over a single fiber for distances of 80 kilometers or more, while ensuring RS250C Short Haul specifications for delivery of broadcast-quality transmissions. The VAB710 features 12-bit audio and 24-bit video processing, is NTSC/PAL-compatible, and is engineered to provide true plug-and-play capability (no optical or electrical adjustments are required during installation). A WDM can be used internally to combine two VAB710 units to transmit two-way signals over a single fiber. The system is available in multimode, singlemode, CWDM and DWDM versions.

Backplane connector for 10-Gbit and beyond

Th 0602cimnptyco
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The Z-Pack Max is an interconnect for backplane applications where high speed, high density, and high performance are required. It performs at speeds of up to 10-Gbits/sec and beyond for use with servers, storage devices, switches, routers, and similar high-speed signal applications. Five-pair and four-pair versions are available. Ground contacts are positioned within each connector column and are combined with proprietary lead frame arrangements within the connector, allowing Z-Pack Max to achieve low crosstalk and high throughput. It features a shieldless design, dual-point contact mating, and compliant pin-board mounting. The connectors meet Telcordia requirements and, according to the manufacturer, are RoHS-compliant.

Mission-critical UPS

Th 201922
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The SmartOnline 3000VA 3U rack-mount UPS system is designed to support mission-critical installations during prolonged blackouts with its built-in extended battery backup run time. According to the manufacturer, the UPS offers 170 percent more built-in battery capacity than comparable models, providing IT professionals increased back up without the cost and space of adding external battery packs. Features include 3000VA/2400-watt capacity, nine AC receptacles, pure sine wave output, two customized load management banks, and an emergency power-off (EPO) port.

Single-chip transceiver for 10-Gbit over copper

Th 201923
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A new family of transceivers is designed to support high-performance computing and corporate data center applications by offering 10-Gbits/sec performance over structured copper cabling. The KX1001 provides 10-GbE connectivity, the KX1003 provides InfiniBand connectivity, and the KX1000 is designed to link stackable networking switches. Each transceiver features the company’s proprietary EchoWave architecture to achieve long reach, low latency, and low power consumption. The technology combines proprietary adaptive signal processing techniques and advanced mixed-signal circuit design engineered to increase performance on copper cable interconnects.

Telecom power connectors

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The Power Drawer series of connectors features blind mating connectorization for 35- or 75-amp applications, used on N+1 power supply and rectifier systems in server, telecommunications, and network installations. Designed to correct misalignment during blind mating, the Power Drawer devices feature integral guide pins, plus an optional floating mount used to reduce fatigue stress on the connector during blind mating. The 35-amp version can be configured for up to eight 12 AWG power contacts, eight 16 AWG power contacts, and twenty-one 20 AWG signal contacts. The 75-amp connectors can be configured with up to four 8 AWG power contacts, nine 12 AWG power contacts, and four 20 AWG signal contacts.

Monitor unmanned networks

Th 201924
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The SNMP-Link SL 12 remote monitoring unit lets network administrators oversee remote sites for environmental hazards, ensuring that all cabinets, huts and other enclosures are fully monitored. Through its eight I/O channels, the SL12 can detect alarms from backup power systems, air conditioners, door sensors, smoke detectors, and other non-networked devices, converting them to SNMP trap alarms that work within the existing network protocols. The compact, stand-alone shelf unit fits within the confines of pole-mounted, surface, and subterranean enclosures. Network communication is via a 10Base-T Ethernet interface that supports TCP/IP, SNMP, and FTP.

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