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Aug. 1, 2006
SAN FRANCISCO, CA-At the recent Gartner Symposium/ITxpo here, Gartner Inc. ( analysts claimed that a lack of focus on user requirements will lead to ...

SAN FRANCISCO, CA-At the recent Gartner Symposium/ITxpo here, Gartner Inc. ( analysts claimed that a lack of focus on user requirements will lead to businesses “wasting more than $10 billion procuring Gigabit Ethernet for the LAN by 2008.” The consulting firm says that most businesses continue to implement outdated network design and procurement practices, leading to what it claims are “over-engineered, overpriced, and under-performing” network infrastructures. “Most businesses have an increasing number of users in remote locations-either in branch offices or working on the road or at home-so high investments in LANs are totally missing the point,” says Mark Fabbi, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. “By designing networks that map to actual user requirements, rather than falling into the trap of buying the next new thing, businesses could recoup substantial capital dollars that can be redeployed in areas where they actually make a difference.” Gartner believes network managers should start shifting their focus to technologies that bring new capabilities to the infrastructure and that provide services (including security, data control, application optimization, and mobility services) to a distributed workforce.

HUZHOU, CHINA-Zhejian Zhaolong Cable Co. Ltd. ( is notifying customers and merchandisers that its Model P-2200-1000 Category 5e cables, sold through distributors in North Carolina and Florida, may present fire or shock hazards and recommends cessation of use. Although the “Prime Wire” cables have a UL seal, the company says they do not comply with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) safety requirements.

SWINDON, UK-In what it calls a technology breakthrough for in-home powerline communication, SiConnect’s ( POEM technology is designed to deliver 16 different levels of managed quality-of-service (QoS), plug-and-play use, privacy protection, and other features, for triple-play services over existing home electrical wiring. The technology uses a synchronous multiple access/contention resolution (SMA/CR) protocol and a built-in QoS management structure that provides 16 different service levels for prioritizing traffic, including audio, video, VoIP, and IP data streams. According to the company, the technology guarantees a fair and prioritized distribution of bandwidth among services, while controlling latency and jitter for applications dependent upon continuous real-time delivery of MPEG video and uncompressed audio. Chip price will be $5 per node, with the first powerline transceiver expected to launch third quarter of this year.

ATLANTA, GA-The state government of Georgia is deploying iTRACS ( software and Siemon ( cabling in its new data center. The software solution, which is designed to improve security and reduce illegal network access, automates the process of discovering, monitoring and managing a network’s physical and logical connections. Siemon’s 10G 6T cabling and connectivity are being used in conjunction with the company’s MapIT patch panels and analyzers, and the iTRACS software. Focusing on the Layer 1 physical infrastructure, the software solution can locate active devices via a CAD floor plan, as well as the patch panel and switch ports they’re using, identity of users logged in, and network resources users have attempted to access. According to Glenn Bishop, RCDD for the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA), the iTRACS/MapIT solution “gives GTA the reporting and asset management tool that allows us to control and protect our network physical layer.”

SAN DIEGO, CA-Magnetic component manufacturer Pulse ( has joined the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA;, and says it will introduce a series of RF diplexers, filters, and network interface devices to help enable home networking of digital entertainment between MoCA devices. The alliance provides specifications and certifies products that allow broadband home networks to distribute digital entertainment over existing coax cabling. For many years, Pulse has developed products using RF frequencies and magnetics now being addressed by companies in MoCA.

HICKORY, NC-Cable and connectivity solutions maker CommScope ( is teaming with telecommunications distributor Power & Tel Supply ( to provide integrated cabinet solutions to carriers. Based on end-user specifications, CommScope provides its 50 and 52 Series wired cabinets to Power & Tel, which integrates electronic kits, other third-party materials, and then tests each cabinet solution. Through its nine U.S. distribution facilities, Memphis-based Power & Tel is expected to sell the integrated cabinets primarily to IOCs, CLECs, and ILECs.

GLENVIEW, IL-Communications and electronics distributor Anixter ( has acquired all outstanding shares of IMS Inc. (Manchester, CT), a wire and cable distributor to OEM and electronic manufacturing services (EMS) companies-particularly in the Northeast and Middle Atlantic states. “This acquisition will leverage our existing infrastructure and provide us with an improved position in this important component of the overall electrical wire and cable market,” says Bob Grubbs, president and CEO of Anixter. In addition, the company has released its 2006 Security Infrastructure Resource Guide, which includes six sections focusing on educating security installers and integrators on the importance of installing the correct infrastructure. The guide provides installation guidelines and techniques, and introduces new concepts and best practices for designing traditional coax-based, hybrid, and digital/IP security solutions.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA-The Ethernet Alliance ( has formed the Ethernet Alliance University Program (EAUP), which is a global initiative designed to serve as a forum for universities and educational organizations within the Alliance to work directly with industry leaders, acquire practical perspectives of academic theories, and help foster growth of Ethernet. EAUP member universities and organizations will participate in IEEE 801 Ethernet and Alliance activities (such as interoperability events and technology demos), contribute research studies on existing and emerging Ethernet technologies, and provide students with hands-on experience in working with Ethernet.

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