Telco Systems to acquire Metrobility Optical Systems

Aug. 1, 2006
Telco Systems (, a provider of carrier-class transport and access platforms for public and private Internet Protocol (IP)...

Telco Systems (, a provider of carrier-class transport and access platforms for public and private Internet Protocol (IP) and time-division multiplexing (TDM) networks, has agreed to acquire Metrobility Optical Systems (, a supplier of optical Ethernet demarcation devices for the deployment of carrier Ethernet services.

Telco says the acquisition will augment its cable provider customer base, while allowing it to offer service providers a wider range of carrier Ethernet demarcation options.

“Intelligent control at the edge of the network is essential in ensuring the transmission of reliable, high-quality data and voice services,” comments Dr. Zvi Marom, founder and CEO of BATM, Telco Systems’ parent company. “Metrobility is a recognized leader in this arena, and the combined engineering expertise of both companies will create an extremely comprehensive portfolio for a broad base of customers.”

Metrobility recently introduced its AccessServices technology, which the company calls a framework for the deployment of standards-based access devices “that deliver application-driven intelligence, edge-to-edge.”

“The incorporation of Metrobility’s AccessServices technology with Telco Systems’ robust carrier Ethernet access platforms will create a comprehensive, competitive solution for both local exchange carriers and cable providers looking to extend Ethernet services to the business customer,” contends Manu Kaycee, vice president of product strategy and management for Metrobility Optical Systems.

Metrobility’s Radiance demarcation devices are also expected to complement Telco Systems’ T-Marc product line by adding a range of remotely-managed single and multi-port demarcation options to the company’s current device offerings.

The added demarcation devices can be used on their own or in conjunction with Telco’s carrier-class T-Metro, an MPLS/HVPLS-based multiservice metro Ethernet access platform, or the company’s T5 Compact family of Ethernet aggregation switches.

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