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The UniCam QuickPress connector combines a 2-fiber connector and adapter into one unit. Part of the Corning Cable Systems' LANscape solution, the device has two fiber stubs that are cleaved on one end and housed within the unit

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New Products Compiled by Marcy Koff

Combination 2-fiber connector and adapter

The UniCam QuickPress connector combines a 2-fiber connector and adapter into one unit. Part of the Corning Cable Systems' LANscape solution, the device has two fiber stubs that are cleaved on one end and housed within the unit, making the termination process as easy as actuating a mechanical splice, according to the company. To install, strip and cleave the field fibers, depress the actuation button on the connector that opens the splice section of the connector, insert the fibers to their fully seated position, and release the button. No special installation tools are needed. Users can unplug the connector from the adapter for easier installation and can reinstall the connector once the termination is complete. The device also features the ability to reverse polarity.

Low-viscosity adhesive

AngströmBond AB9104 clear, low-viscosity adhesive produces low shrinkage on cure and is suitable for optical alignments or any application that requires low stress and high strength. The adhesive will wick to fill small bond gaps and bonds to glass, ceramic, metals, and most plastic substrates. It exhibits low outgassing characteristics and has good chemical and solvent resistance, according to company claims.

Fiber-cabling catalog

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The fiber-cabling catalog features fiber-optic cables, connectors, patch cords, adapters, modular panels, patch panels, hardware, and accessories for campus, building, and horizontal/closet distribution. The catalog highlights the PremisNET fiber-cabling system and includes application-specific illustrations, color photos, and specifications.

Plastic cable wrap

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Spirally cut plastic cable wrap enables breakouts in any orientation and comes in a variety of colors. Heli-Tube expandable plastic harness wraps around wire bundles and lets machinery builders color-code their wire routing to facilitate maintenance and troubleshooting. The wrap can be applied without tools and is available with outside diameters of 1/16 to 11/4 inches. Materials available include clear and UV-resistant black polyethylene, fire-resistant white or black rulan, clear and black nylon, and Teflon. The wrap is priced from $0.03 per foot, depending on size, material, and quantity. It is supplied on spools, in payout boxes, or cut to length.


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The Classic Series faceplates with labels meet TIA/EIA-606 labeling standards and are available for vertical, horizontal, and dedicated sloped faceplates. Blank labels and clear label covers are provided. The faceplates are available in five colors and are flush-mountable. The devices work with standard-sized single-gang junction boxes, wallboard adapters, and raceway-mounting brackets. They feature screw-retention tabs for mounting stability. The Dedicated Sloped Classic Series provides improved bend-radius control and reduces in-wall depth requirements. This version offers complete modularity with individual modules that snap in and out to facilitate moves, adds, and changes. The Sloped Series also offers icon slots into which plastic molded icon pieces (sold separately) snap. The icons are available with a computer symbol to identify data lines, and a phone symbol to represent phone or Internet lines.

Safety gloves

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Suitable for industrial applications, 100% Nuaramid gloves are seven times stronger than steel of the same weight and exhibit high tensile strength, cut resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and flame resistance. The gloves are resistant to chemicals and can be washed repeatedly in chlorine bleach and caustic detergents without degradation, shrinkage, or stiffening. Coated or uncoated, the gloves are available in standard weight for general work applications, and heavy weight, when greater performance and protection are required.

Data and telephony solution

3Com Corp.'s NBX 25 Communication System is an Ethernet local-area- network (LAN)-based telephony and data solution that offers small businesses a single network for voice and data communications. The system is being offered to U.S.- and Canadian-based authorized voice resellers that sell to businesses with fewer than 12 employees.

Data-communications catalog

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The Datacom Products catalog features cutting, stripping, terminating, and testing solutions. The 60-page, four-color guide offers in-depth product overviews and easy-to-follow selection guides, according to company claims. A glossary of data-communications terms, a guide to wiring configurations, and a catalog number index are included. Highlighted are the ABS Tester and Signal Thrower, and DataLite Cable identifier.

SFF loopback attenuators

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Small-form-factor loopback attenuators come in standard LC and MT-RJ configurations. The devices feature ruggedized packaging, compact housing, and an enclosed fiber system. Designed for use in testing optical-network transceivers and transceiver equipment, the attenuators come in singlemode fiber and 50/125- and 62.5/125-micron multimode fiber. Custom-built loopbacks are also available.

Insulated tools

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The insulated tool assortment is designed for the communications and cable industries. Included in the set are 16 tools, all of which have been tested at 10,000 V for use up to 1,000 V. The tools feature two-color insulation, offering protection from shock and flashover. Among the tools are lineman's, needle-nose, and slip-joint pliers; four slotted screwdrivers; a Phillips screwdriver; a 3/8-inch-drive reversible ratchet; a 3/8-inch-drive 3-inch extension; four drive sockets; a 3/8-inch-deep wall socket; and a 3/8-inch-drive torque wrench. All tools are packaged in a roll pouch.

Video microscope

The FVM Series video microscope includes a 9-inch monochrome display, choice of 200 or 400x optics, and a universal connector adapter that accepts standard 2.5- or 1.25-mm ferrules. The microscope visually inspects fiber-optic connectors and cable assemblies.

Fusion splicers

The battery-operated Type-37 Micro-Core and Type-37 HS (high-strength) fusion splicers measure 150x150 mm and have an average splicing time of 18 sec or less. The devices work with most fiber types for fully automatic low-loss optical-fiber splices in both field and factory environments. The high-strength version has a fiber-holding system that improves splice performance for factory-splicing applications and helps ensure a splice loss of less than 0.02 dB for identical singlemode fibers. The Type-37 polarization-maintaining (PM) splicer features a new fiber holder system and improves splice performance for PM fiber types with different coating, cladding, and core sizes. Each splicer uses a high-resolution direct core-monitoring image-processing software to align core fibers and estimate splice loss.

Protective eyewear

Willson Cruiser protective eyewear features sport-style 3-D curved lenses with fin-shaped sides. The glasses have side protection and a soft, hypoallergenic, no-slip adjustable nosepiece. The eyewear features a standard abrasion-resistant hardcoat and comes with a free adjustable Flexicord retainer for added security and convenience in active work environments. The lenses are inter-changeable, with choices of FogBan, I/O dual-purpose, PrismPerfect, TSR Gray, HDL Yellow, and various tinted versions available.

By the Book

Reports on DSL and switching equipment

The International Engineering Consortium (IEC-Chicago) has published a report on digital-subscriber-line (DSL) technology. According to DSL Comprehensive Report 2000, the installed base of ADSL lines will grow to nearly one million by year-end. By 2002, the U.S. market is estimated to total more than six-million lines, generating nearly $5.5 billion in annual revenue. A large contributor to this growth will be small businesses, forecast to expand as a DSL market by more than 400% annually. For more information on this report, as well as the fourth volume in the IEC's annual series on intelligent networks, call IEC Publications at (312) 559-3730, or visit the organization's Website at

Technology Futures Inc. (TFI-Austin, TX) has recently published Technology Forecasts for Local Exchange Switching Equipment, by Ray L. Hodges and Lawrence K. Vanston, a senior consultant and the president of TFI, respectively. According to Hodges, "In the past, we have upgraded circuit switches to provide better services and features for voice traffic and accommodate some low-speed data. In the future, the circuit switches must be replaced by packet switches, which are optimized for high-speed data." Hodges points out that Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)/Internet protocol switches are optimized for data traffic and will become cost- effective for all forms of traffic, including voice; only the timing of the technological transition to be made by incumbent local-exchange carriers (ILECs) remains in question. According to the report, voice traffic will grow at 10% or less a year, while data traffic grows at a conservative estimate of 125% a year. As a result, by the year 2007, less than 1% of public-network traffic will be voice. By 2010, ILECs will have converted 90% of their switch capacity to ATM. Also, the average remaining life for installed digital switches is under five years. For more information on this report, contact TFI at tel: (800) TEK-FUTR, fax: (512) 258-0087,

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