Multiservice box

The WallSource six-gang multiservice box provides multiple power and communications connections at a single location without compromising aesthetics

Th 0809cim01v3
Th 0809cim01v3
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The WallSource six-gang multiservice box provides multiple power and communications connections at a single location without compromising aesthetics. This in-the-wall box is suitable for high-density applications such as convention centers and lecture halls. Also available in two- and four-gang configurations, the units eliminate the need for multiple single-gang boxes and mismatched, unevenly placed faceplates. One location provides access to accommodate moves, adds, and changes. The box is UL-listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards and compatible with the Interlink Activate Connectivity System, which connects communications cabling at the point of use.

Data converter

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An electronic data conversion (EDC) utility for the company's Forefront construction management software focuses on the areas that are both labor-intensive and crucial for a complete conversion. The file-maintenance component includes lists of vendors, customers, employees, and inventory items; and the transaction component covers job cost history and open accounts-payable and accounts-receivable invoices. EDC's validation and error-handling features identify records with invalid information. The user then corrects any errors on screen in Forefront without re-importing the data.

Protection panel

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The Integrated Protection Panel (IPP) series meets the needs of telecommunications shelter integrators. The unit combines AC power distribution and transient-voltage surge-suppressor (TVSS) protection into a single rugged metal en-closure. The panel consists of an interlocked service entrance power line/generator changeover breaker, industrial-grade load center, and transient discriminating technology TVSS protection. The IPP integrates three separate technologies and can be installed together. It takes 4 hours to install, compared to 18 hours when the three components are installed separately. The unit comes in NEMA 1 and NEMA 3R enclosures, suitable for various environmental conditions. Alarm contacts can be used to activate an external warning if there is a failure of a TVSS element or the utility supply.

Cable-tray system kit

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The EZ T90 cable-tray system kit includes bolts, braces, nuts, and hardware needed to make turns or tees with EZ Tray. Although most of these parts already have been available, the heavy-gauge 90º- angle brace is new. Its slotted bolt hole design eliminates the need for precise tray adjustments when fitting elbow or tee junctions. One kit will let you make one tee or two 90º bends. EZ Tray, a wire-mesh cable-tray system constructed of welded-steel wire, will adapt to almost any configuration.

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