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The APC2, an upgraded version of the company's non-standby power supply, allows application-specific custom configurations

Th 0807cim27v2

Non-standby power supply

Th 0807cim27v2
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The APC2, an upgraded version of the company's non-standby power supply, allows application-specific custom configurations. The ferroresonant design provides fully regulated output voltage, surge and short-circuit protection, and complete line conditioning under normal modes of operation and handling. For applications that require enhanced features, the APC2 can be configured with a variety of performance options. It is available in 60- and 90-V versions.

Cable-management rack system

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The Netframe modular rack system can be configured to meet current and future network cable-management requirements. The system includes deeper channels and modular D-rings for vertical cable management, metal-hinged covers, bend-radius control channels, and assembly hardware. It is compatible with the company's horizontal cable-management panels, including wiring duct and Open-Access D-ring panel options, Opticom fiber-optic enclosures, and Mini-Com patch panels.

Cutter/stripper tool

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The TWS246 cutter/stripper features a fingertip adjustment mechanism that lets operators change the strip length to any increment between 22 and 26 AWG with only a few simple turns. According to the company, the tool lets you assemble and disassemble the strip blade rapidly. This combination tool has a ring at the end of one of the handles, which facilitates maneuvering. The tool shaft and interchangeable dual blades are color-coded for correct alignment. One blade has a blue dot on one edge for 22 AWG and a yellow dot on the other edge for 24 AWG. The other blade is coded with yellow and green indicators for 24 and 26 AWG, respectively. The nickel-plated cutter/stripper has a rust-resistant finish and plastic handles with orange cushioned grips for comfort and slip-free operation.

Connectivity modules

Th Gigaflex Ps 6 1x
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The GigaFlex PS6+ and GigaFlex PS5+ punchdown unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) connectors are part of the IBDN modular connectivity product line. The modules incorporate patented encapsulated lead-frame technology as well as a termination interface that facilitates installation using BIX, 110, or Krone punchdown tools. The devices can be mixed and matched with a variety of adapters, enabling their use in most computer-network applications. According to company claims, the GigaFlex PS6+ (pictured) is the first 300-MHz connector on the market, exceeding all component requirements listed in the proposed Category 6 standard. It is backward-compatible with Category 5 and 5E devices. The GigaFlex PS5+ has a usable bandwidth of 160 MHz and 1.2-Gbit/sec data capability when used as part of the IBDN System 1200.

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