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The Steel City underfloor duct system is designed to simplify pulling cable and perpendicular directional changes

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Underfloor duct system

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The Steel City underfloor duct system is designed to simplify pulling cable and perpendicular directional changes. The system includes galvanized steel header duct with four compartments (one for power, two for voice, and one for data). It is available in shallow and standard versions, and features three compartments (two for voice/data and one for power). Factory-assembled Steel City access hatches are fully adjustable before and after the concrete pour, and maintain separation between services without interior barriers and crossover tunnels. Accessories include cabinet connectors, couplings, end caps, and floor fittings. The underfloor duct system is part of the OmniLink portfolio of products and contractor training/certification.

Optical-fiber network saddles

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Optical-fiber network saddles have rounded edges to provide a smooth surface between the mount and cable, helping prevent potential stress on cable and damage to its insulation through snagging or abrasion. These cable-management accessories come in both single- and dual-capacity versions, letting users select the appropriate capacity for specific fiber-optic cable-routing applications. The devices are also available in push- or adhesive-mount versions. Each single-capacity saddle can accommodate a maximum bundle size of 1.06 inches in diameter, while the double-capacity may be used for routing two bundles of the same size. The saddles are constructed of a durable nylon material, and come in natural and black colors.

Voice/data cabinet package

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The Proline Voice/Data Cabinet Package is preconfigured to protect a wide range of data- and voice-communications applications. The cabinet measures 2,000x700x800 mm and keeps components safe from dust and tampering while allowing easy installation and maintenance. The package includes a frame with frame feet, window door, louvered rear door, and two side covers with quick-release latches. The unit also has a cable-entry top, vented shelf, power strip, front/rear 19-inch mounting rails, frame-reducing brackets, and two sets of grid straps.

MT-RJ frame and workstation connectors

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The Spectro-Link MT-RJ connectors are the newest members of the company's Opt-X Fiber System and come in workstation and frame-station styles. These dual-polarity connectors combine high-density MT-RJ connectivity with a field-termination process easy enough for a novice installer to learn in minutes, according to company claims. The workstation-style connectors offer a two-piece construction with keystone-style adapters and push-button fiber insertion and retention. Frame-station-style devices lock the fiber into a terminated position and are high-density for use in the frame, or can be combined with a keystone workstation adapter for use in an MOS wallplate at the workstation. Both connectors have a prepolished array fiber ferrule that eliminates the need for polishing, and lets installers test and reinsert fiber prior to crimping. These 62.5/125- and 50/125-micron multimode connectors have a typical insertion loss of 0.2 dB.

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