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The WWG 8630 portable protocol tester simulates network elements and analyzes fixed and mobile networks

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Communications protocol testers

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The WWG 8630 portable protocol tester simulates network elements and analyzes fixed and mobile networks. WWG 8631 is a PC-card-based analyzer for onsite use. Both instruments use the same protocol analysis applications and generate compatible results. They provide the necessary link to the WWG 8610 Integration Test System and WWG 8620 Stationary Surveillance System.

Cable tray

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The EZ Tray is now available in 316L and 304 stainless steel. Approved for offshore oil drilling platforms and marine use, the cable tray is suitable for organizing tubes, pipes, or electrical wiring anywhere harsh environments might be an issue. The unit is constructed of high-quality welded steel wire and will adapt to almost any configuration. It can handle 90° turns, twist around obstructions, and make multiple level changes.

Cable-management cabinets

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The Mighty Mo wall-mount cable-management cabinet offers four-sided access to installed components as well as the depth of a full-sized cabinet. The units are suitable for areas with special needs such as space constraints, security, or protection from foreign elements such as dust, dirt, or moisture. It includes a lockable and removable front door that can be mounted on the left or right. Side panels pivot open and can be removed for easy access. Internal latches keep the side panels secure when the front door is locked. The cabinet pivots on a 21/2-inch-deep base, with one solid cable entry cover and one brush cable entry cover.

Nonmetallic surface raceway

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The large nonmetallic surface raceway features rounded corners that prevent dust accumulation. A one-cover option offers a seamless appearance, while a two-cover version enables access to both compartments for multiple installers. Each component is the width of a single-gang faceplate, making the system inter changeable with Nevada Western data-communications plates and other standard faceplates. A low-profile nonmetallic raceway line is also available in one- and two-piece configurations that use common fittings to reduce inventory. The two-piece design features a separate base and cover, while the one-piece device incorporates a PVC hinge that allows repeated opening and closing.

Hand-tool catalog

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The catalog of ergonomic hand tools cites tools rated for use with copper and annealed steel wire, Dumet/Kovar, Kevlar, sheet metal, Mylar, plastics, and shielded cable. This Timeless Engineering catalog includes the full line of Micro-Shear Flush Cutters for cutting everything from soft material under 1 mil thick to music/spring wire. The devices come in numerous specialized models to perform specific tasks, and have Xuro-Rubber cushioned hand grips and Light Touch return springs. This 24-page publication provides a reference chart that lists all tools and their capabilities.

Cable-tie mounts

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A full line of 4-way adhesive-backed cable-tie mounts comes packaged with two mounts per peel-off strip. SuperStick 4-Way Adhesive Backed Cable Tie Mounts are made of Type 6 Nylon for high impact and tensile strength and feature 4-way tie-insertion to speed assembly. Available with acrylic- or rubber-based adhesives to stick onto various painted panel surfaces, the mounts are UL-recognized and come in 1/2-, 3/4-, and 1-inch-square sizes.

Surge-protection module

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The Quick Fit surge-protection module wires directly into raceway systems like an ordinary duplex receptacle and fits into any Quick Fit/5507 series opening, bezel, or device box. It also installs into the WallSource multiservice box to protect all the outlets in the box. The unit eliminates the need for cord-ended surge strips. The module is available in white, ivory, and gray.

Test-solution catalog

The Complete Catalog 2000 covers telecommunications networks, enterprise networks, multimedia, and wireless. The 530-page publication features test solutions for development, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and repair of systems and networks for transmitting speech, data, and images. The catalog is available in English, German, and Spanish.

Data-cable handbook

Super Solutions-Data Cable Handbook has been updated to reflect technological developments in data cable. The 12-page book contains a historical background of data cables and discusses basic standards, the category rating system, an overview of category cables, and installation tips. The Super Solutions series is a set of pamphlets that provides basic information on a specific product category. Currently, there are six pamphlets, including Coaxial Cable, Data Cable, Fire, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Safety, Plenum, and Sound.

Design software CD

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The upgraded software package helps engineers and contractors plan cable pathways. The CD includes design software to digitally plan and organize cable-tray pathways. The add-on tool lets you place, edit, and modify the length and amount of tray needed. It calculates a complete list of exact sizes and parts required for that particular project. Also included are AutoCAD drawings of the components of the company's EZ Tray system, as well as a photo gallery of installation shots. The software contains product illustrations, an EZ Tray Guide with product specifications and fax forms, and a computer animation video.

Epoxy for fiber terminations

AngströmBond AB9226 fast-gelling epoxy gels in five to 10 minutes and can be polished in less than 15 minutes. The epoxy bonds optics or performs field terminations when oven curing is not an option but a fast cure is required. This medium-viscosity, hazy clear system bonds well to glass, metal, and most plastics. According to company claims, this two-part adhesive gel offers good shock resistance and electrical insulation.

Fiber-optic system

The ModLink fiber-optic system is an upgraded version of the system released two years ago. The cassette has been reduced in size and fits into a securable wall- or rack-mount enclosure with cable-management options for improved slack storage. Captive screws with knurled knobs facilitate mounting cassettes in a wide variety of brackets and enclosures. For wall-mounting, a 16x16-inch lockable enclosure is offered for six cassettes and cable slack. Both 62.5- micron and 50-micron multimode and singlemode versions are available. MT-RJ and FC cassettes now complement the SC and ST already offered. There are multiple MTP connections per cassette for maximum fiber density.

Technical handbook and catalog

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The 288-page Technical Handbook and Catalog features complete mil spec, commercial, coaxial, and fiber-optic wire and cable sections. In-depth formulas, con version tables, and compar ison charts are provided for custom cable design. The catalog contains a section on heat-shrinkable products for tubing, boots, and ratio grommets.

Cellular raceway system

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The Walker N-R-G Flor Cellular Raceway System has been modified to include a 11/4-inch cable bend radius that exceeds the TIA/EIA standard for cable- and wire-management systems. The system contains bend-radius controls from the trench feed to the point-of-use activation. The FiberReady bend-radius protection lets contractors place fiber-optic cable without fear of signal loss or distortion due to tight bend radius. The raceway system is a flexible infloor wiring system designed for steel frame construction. Its large capacity maximizes long-term wiring capabilities and reduces the risk of overfill in raceways.

Test-equipment catalog

The test-equipment catalog lists equipment and tools for installing fiber- optic networks. Included are the ACT2 fiber-optic cable certifier and PC-based optical time-domain reflectometer. The catalog describes the company's fiber-optic test equipment, tools, and training materials.

Duct couplers

Split-Lock duct couplers are suitable for coupling a variety of external geometries of duct, including smoothwall, ribbed, and hybrid. According to company claims, the devices provide good air-sealing for efficiency in air-assisted cable-placement applications. Featuring a split design, the units can be assembled without any special tools, as well as retrieved and reused after temporarily joining ducts. The couplers are available for ducts with inside diameters of 1 to 2 inches. Custom sizes and transition sizes are also available. The coupler body is made of lightweight corrosion-resistant aluminum and can be disassembled to allow for re-entry after cable has been installed.

By the Book

Reports update key technologies

Stratecast Partners (SP), a division of Frost & Sullivan (San Jose, CA), has released Stratecast 2000: Strategic Assessment of the Communications Industry. According to SP, the report focuses on emerging service providers, infrastructure convergence, service and support, and data communications. SP analysts view these topics from several different per spectives, including macroeconomic, regulatory, and technological. A key aspect of the report is its chapter on best-in-class principles regarding business strategies. Chapters follow on the service-provider, operations support system, and equipment-supplier markets. In the final chapter, strategies of key vendors, such as Cisco, Nortel, Lucent, and Newbridge, are discussed. For more information, contact SP at

Frost & Sullivan itself has recently published a new study entitled Introduction to Broadband Satellite Services, which focuses on the demand for high-speed Internet access as the key market driver. With Internet growth taxing the global fiber-optic network in the second half of the 1990s, Internet service providers began to turn to satellite networks for relief. This growth, according to Frost & Sullivan, is expected to continue at a steady pace until 2002, when the market is forecast to skyrocket as a new generation of broadband satellite systems is launched. From a market of slightly under $200 million last year, Internet-specific satellite lease revenues are forecast to increase to $8.5 billion in 2006, a compound annual growth rate of 69.7%. For more information, call Frost & Sullivan at (408) 392-2000 or browse

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