Short runs…

July 1, 2007

DURHAM, NH -The University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab (UNH IOL; ( recently conducted multi-vendor 10GBase-T interoperability for Fulcrum Microsystems, Solarflare Communications, and Teranetics. Solarflare and Teranetics demonstrated their independent 10GBase-T PHY implementation using different systems at either end of the link. Tests were repeated multiple times over a 55-meter, two-connector topology of Category 6 cabling to show support for legacy installed cabling. A network throughput and latency benchmark showed that the link sustained a throughout of 10-Gbits/sec. The tests used two different switch designs from Fulcrum Microsystems ( Mike Zeile, vice president of marketing at Fulcrum, says, “These two switch reference designs will provide OEM customers with quick-to-market [Ethernet] platforms that have the assurance of interoperability.”

SALT LAKE CITY, UT -Silex Technologies ( has unveiled Multicast Video Distribution System (MVDS), a wired/wireless video distribution system designed for the digital sign industry. MVDS’ digital multicast technology and an advanced compression algorithm lets it support large numbers of displays at long distances with no image degradation. Designed for airport arrival/departure areas, trade shows, retail advertising, classrooms, and emergency information displays, the MVDS technology can connect using industry-standard Ethernet cabling and hardware, or via 802.11a wireless networking. Silex says its technology eliminates the need to use more expensive analog splitters and repeaters.

RICHARDSON, TX -A Web-based printing program for producing telecommunications system labels has been unveiled by CommScope ( that enables SYSTIMAX BusinessPartners to create professional product labels for specific installations. The customized solution replaces the static templates available on the company’s website, and provides two ways to create labels. The software supports labeling on a number of SYSTIMAX products, including M2000/M3000 panels, PATCHMAX PS panels, LE and L faceplates, and VisiPatch/VisiPatch 360 panels.

SACRAMENTO, CA -Low-power semiconductor transceiver developer KeyEye Communications ( and copper transceiver manufacturer Methode Electronics ( will jointly develop 10-Gigabit Ethernet copper MSA pluggable modules compatible with the short-reach, lower-power mode of the IEEE 802.3an 10GBase-T standard. The companies say the modules will help data center managers significantly reduce cost and power consumption resulting from a growing array of 10-Gigabit servers and switches.

WATERTOWN, CT -Siemon’s ( EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) manufacturing operations and logistics center’s Quality Management System in Brno, Czech Republic, has been certified ISO9001:2000. The Brno facility will serve as Siemon’s pan-EMEA logistics hub, housing stock and acting as the key distribution center for the company’s markets. In addition, the facility houses IT cabling component manufacturing operations.

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