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July 1, 2007

Compiled by Steve Smith

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Indoor/outdoor fiber hubs
The OmniReach Indoor Fiber Distribution Hub FDH 3000i is designed to organize and administer fiber-optic cables and passive optical splitters for such installations as multi-dwelling units. Providing a cross-connect and interconnect interface for optical transmission signals at the MDU, the 3000i features a front-facing cross-connect configuration designed for fiber management and able to accommodate a range of fiber counts as well as supporting factory-installed pigtails, fanouts and splitters. These cabinets can be wall- rack-, or floor-mounted.

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Providing a connection between fiber-optic cables and passive optical splitters in the outside plant, the OmniReach FDH 3000S fiber distribution hub can be mounted to support aerial, direct-buried, and underground applications. The hub connects feeder and distribution cables via optical splitters in FTTx networks, and is especially suited for rural and brownfield deployments.


LSZH patch cables

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Duplex 62.5/125-µm and 50/125-µm multimode LSZH (low-smoke zero-halogen) fiber-optic patch cables are now available in more than 60 standard configurations. These cables are designed for harsh environments, particularly where space is at a premium, such as high-end server rooms, aircraft, and ships/submarines. Covered by a lifetime warranty against defects from manufacturing and workmanship, the LSZH cables can be custom ordered to length and for specific installation requirements.


Passive cooling cabinet

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N-Series TeraFrame network cabinets are engineered to solve thermal problems, such as network switches with side-to-side airflow located in a hot aisle/cold aisle layout that run the risk of re-consuming hot exhaust air, causing elevated equipment intake temperatures that lead to failure. The company’s CPI Passive Cooling solutions technology manages high-density switches while maximizing the data center’s energy efficiency. Available in 10 heights and 11 depths, the N-Series cabinets can manage 48 Category 6A UTP cables per RMU (rack-mount units), and are designed to simplify installation and maintenance while providing maximum cable management capacity. The cabinet is built to accept cables through openings located on the top and bottom, while T-shaped cable guides and cable management spools align with each RMU, dividing and organizing cables as they enter and exit the rack-mount space.


Enterprise access point

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MAP-625 enterprise-class wireless access points provide a centrally managed WLAN solution that enable migration from legacy standards to 802.11n without upgrades, architectural changes, or additional peripheral equipment. Featuring dual radios, the MAP-625 is designed to provide 802.11n clients with more than four times the performance of typical WLANs while simultaneously supporting legacy 802.11a/b/g devices at their full speeds.


Compact OSP enclosure

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Designed for high-density telecommunications equipment, such as 3G UMTS equipment and batteries, the 50B Compact Enclosure for outside plant measures 15 inches wide by 25 inches tall and 33 inches deep, with 6U of 19-inch rack space. The enclosure can mount to pad, pole or wall, and features hinged, tamper-proof doors that can lift off for easier mounting. Other features include gray or beige powder-coat paint finish, integrated back-up battery module, and alarms to detect high temperature and intrusion. Sealed for maximum protection, the 50B Compact Enclosure is designed for GR-487, Zone 4 compliance.

Hot spot zapper

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HotSpotr, billed as an easy-to-install system for cooling data center hot spots, supplies cool air to hot racks and then exhausts the hot air directly to the CRAC (computer room air conditioner). Each unit is designed to eliminate hot spots in up to three racks. Models include: HT-100 always-on under-floor air mover; HT-300 three-speed under-floor air mover; HT-500 thermostatically controlled under-floor air mover; and HT-700 thermostatically controlled overhead air mover.


Heavy-duty AV cable

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Designed for transmission of component analog video in a twisted-pair format without hardware delay compensation, the LSK04HD heavy-duty, ultra-low skew UTP cable provides a consistent pair lay with a maximum time-delay differential of 2 ns (per 100 m) between any two pairs. Each pair in the cable is constructed from 23-gauge solid copper and a precision 100-Ω dielectric. Featuring a double-jacket design, the cable’s inner jacket is designed to maintain critical spacing of the twisted-pair elements, while the outer TPE jacket offers additional strength, durability, diameter, and abrasion resistance. The minimized pair skew (or delay) allows for red, green, and blue video components to remain in sync for optimal picture quality and video distribution.


Two-in-one blower

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The Fibreflow Fusion blower can blow fiber counts of 1 to 96 (typically requires two machines to cover this range). It is fitted with a radial force-setting device, a blocking device, and an electronic speed and distance counter. Included with the blower are control and air treatment, set of air hoses, tools, lubricating oil, and spare parts.


Fiber cleaner

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A fiber-optic solvent, which uses a plastic-safe solver designed for superior cleaning properties, is a key element of the company’s new fiber-optic cleaning kit. Also included are a cleaning card and cleaning cube, both of which are designed to provide cleaning and wiping surfaces that are safe to fiber end faces. In addition, the kit includes two sizes of swabs for cleaning inside fiber ports.


Gell-free loose tube

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The NanoCore line of gell-free, loose tube optical-fiber cables includes a 12 to 24 fiber-optic strand zip cord, a single-jacket construction built to accommodate from 2 to 12 strands, and a dual-jacket construction that can accommodate up to 72 strands. (Where more than 12 strands are present, they are separated by a colored binder into 12-strand bundles.) Designed to work with MT, MTP/MPO, and other small-form-function connectors, NanoCore cables offer higher fiber strand counts in smaller diameter cables, and can be installed in most plenum environments. Available constructions include 8.3-µm singlemode and 62.5/50-µm multimode, including fiber for 10-Gigabit Ethernet applications.


Fiber-optic fueled camera

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Built-in 10-bit digital fiber-optic transceivers are now available with the SuperDome series of indoor/outdoor analog PTZ dome cameras. The fiber interface is designed to provide exceptional lightening immunity for outdoor security installations, and exceptional resistance to electrical interference for industrial/harsh environment interior installations. The V1700M multimode version offers a transmission distance of up to 2.7 miles, while the V1700S singlemode version offers a transmission distance of up to 18.6 miles. (Singlemode versions supporting longer distances are available.) These cameras offer 480 TVL, high-resolution, DSP imaging in color, with 18x and 22x, day/night operation with 23x, and image stabilized 26x and 35x optical zoom. The fiber-optic transceiver supports switch-selectable interfaces, such as Manchester/Biphase, RS-422, and RS-485 (two- and four-wire).


Snag-free plug

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The patented Snagless L-plug has been engineered to protect the modular jack lever from snagging surrounding cables or equipment, rendering the connector unbreakable. It is designed to stay tightly and securely in port and, according to the company, is as easy to lock and unlock as a traditional L-plug. Snagless L-Plug with snagless boot is available for RJ-45 Category 5e, and soon to be available for Category 6. It has a cable rating of up to 350 MHz, and features gold contacts with UL 94V-0.


Recessed patch panels

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These recessed patch panels provide expanded options for applications where the back rail is positioned close to the rear doors, or in applications with minimal depth in front of the panel. The recess depth (3-inches from installation point) provides room for proper patch cord bend radius. Built for standard 19-inch racks and cabinets, the recessed panels are offered in the company’s Universal and QuickPort styles, in 1RU 2-port, 2RU 48-port, and 2RU 72-port configurations.


Power over Ethernet midspan

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A one-port, gigabit Power over Ethernet (PoE) midspan (PD-7001G) is built to maintain existing PoE standard parameters with double the power, supporting a minimum of 30 watts at the port output. This unit is suitable for such applications as security camera installations, gigabit video phones, WiMAX transmitters, or 802.11n access points. The PD-7001G is designed to generate safe power over Category 5 cabling, providing maximum power by using a 55-volt output. The unit includes an interlocking feature that lets you scale deployments by linking multiple one-port midspan units as new devices are added to the network, and an internal AC/DC converter.


CCTV balun

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The Active CCTV Transmitter Balun provides enhanced video performance for a single CCTV video channel via Category 5 UTP cable. When installed inside a dome camera or camera back box, the balun features manual gain compensation to support distances from 500 to 3,000 feet when used with a passive balun at the receiver (up to 6,000 feet when used with an active balun). It consumes less than 0.7 watts, deriving power from the CCTV camera.


IP video software

XProtect Corporate IP video software is designed for large, multi-site and multiple server installations requiring 24/7 surveillance. The distributed server architecture allows unlimited recording and arching of video, while client access provides live view, playback, and video evidence export with smart search and analysis. The software supports a wide range of network cameras and encoders, while the open platform includes application program interfaces (API) for integration with third-party systems.


Curved patch panels

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Clarity curved patch panels for the company’s Clarity 6 and 5E connectivity technology feature a patent-pending recessed design that helps direct patch cords to vertical rack or cabinet management, and serves as an alternative for installations with limited rack space for horizontal management. Available in 24-port (1U) and 48-port (2U) configurations, these ETL-tested patch panels are verified to TIA Category 6 and 5e component specifications, include rear cable management and full labeling capabilities, and feature universal 568-A/B wiring as well as 110 termination practices.


Portable polisher for field termination

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The Rev system for processing fiber-optic connectors features a patented connector holding mechanism that is optically aligned and calibrated to achieve maximum performance and compliance with Telcordia standards. According to the company, newly terminated connectors can be polished to singlemode geometries in less than two minutes. Damaged connectors on cabling, patch cords, OTDR launch boxes, and test equipment interfaces can be recovered and retro-polished to their original specifications. Lightweight and portable, powered by either a 9-volt battery or AC adapter, the Rev is built for inclusion in field termination kits. Interchangeable workholder fixtures support all industry-standard UPS/APC connectors, MIL-SPEC termini, and custom components. As an alternative to mechanical cleaving devices, Rev can also polish bare fibers to superior flatness and surface finish in preparation for fusion-splicing activities.


Long-life polishing fixture, film

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Built for long life and designed for use with ST, SC, and FC connectors with 2.5-mm ferrules, the Model 45-342 polishing fixture features a precision-manufactured center hole diameter to assure the ferrule is kept perpendicular to the polishing surface. In addition, a grooved face is designed to enhance polishing efficiency and optimal connector performance. The company has also introduced a line of aluminum oxide polishing films for ceramic, stainless steel, plastic and composite ferrules. A single sheet typically yields a range of 10 to 20 connectors when used in the recommended three-step process of 0.5-µm, 3-µm, and 12-µm films. Films are available in quantities of 20 per sleeve in 3 x 6-inch sizes.


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