WTH? Must-see photos

Cabling photos from some ugly telecom closets

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Grant Richards is a certified IT/telecommunications contractor and course instructor with the Limited Energy Apprenticeship Program at Oregon’s Clackamas Community College. He sent us these captioned cabling photos that may make you say, “Hmmmmm,” writing, “As a low-volt contractor and apprenticeship instructor, I’ve come across a lot of ugly situations. Here are a few. I took all of these on job sites.”

Thanks Grant!

Send your must-see cabling photos to mattv@pennwell.com.

1711ciminfrastructureinsights Photo 3

Who needs a shelf when you have a wall and a cabling mushroom to hold up your monitor? This was a monitor for an interactive voice response system at a drug store.

1711ciminfrastructureinsights Photo 1

Push pin wire management

1711ciminfrastructureinsights Photo 2

Drilled the conduit!

1711ciminfrastructureinsights Photo 4

When I teach my code class I’ll show the students a picture and ask them to identify the violation. Good fun because there are often multiple issues. WTH?

Matt Vincent, Senior Editor


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