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April 1, 2017
We are happy to tell you that for the third consecutive year we will administer the Cabling Innovators Awards program. 

We are happy to tell you that for the third consecutive year we will administer the Cabling Innovators Awards program. The program will culminate during BICSI's Fall Conference and Exhibition the week of September 24-28, when we present awards to recipients who have been deemed by our judges to have exhibited innovation on any number of levels.

That awards ceremony can be compared to the second act of a three-act play. What happens first is the actual innovation. As the program has taken shape in its first two years, it has become a noteworthy example of the many ways innovation can happen within our industry. Certainly products can be innovative, and we have honored many products accordingly over the past two years. Additionally, honorees have been recognized for their innovative approaches to projects and processes within the cabling and communications trades. I personally have enjoyed learning about innovative project approaches through the Cabling Innovators Awards program, and I hope to become familiar with many more of them this year.

So "Act One" is to innovate. I am certain that everyone reading this page has done just that, and probably has done so fairly recently.

Act Two is to celebrate, by receiving the physical award (suitable for displaying in the lobby of your shop or corporate heqdquarters) as well as the recognition that will come with your receipt of a Cabling Innovators Award. September. Vegas. Attractive award. Photo opportunities. Potentially viral social media exposure. Boom.

I'd be remiss if I overlooked Act Three, which has been a pleasant if unplanned result of the awards program in its first two years. I have learned that professionals in all spheres of our industry have been motivated by the impressive displays of ingenuity and adaptability that manifest themselves in the stories of our award recipients. One project leader told me he has learned of some technologies for the first time through the Cabling Innovators Awards program, and has used the information to his practical advantage while specifying and carrying out some installation projects.

Full disclosure: The program is a paid-entry situation. We don't operate it to fill our coffers, but we do require entry fees to offset our administrative costs. We'd be honored if you'd consider entering your innovation this time around. Detailed info is available on our website,

Patrick McLaughlin
Chief Editor
[email protected]

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