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Feature-packed UPS

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The VS Series of line-interactive uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems include automatic voltage regulation (AVR), extended run-time, and complete protection against all types of power problems—including brownouts, blackouts, surges, and line noise. The AVR feature is designed to keep equipment working indefinitely through brownout conditions, without draining battery power.

Close-to-the-vest accuracy

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With Pocket Bid estimating software for the pocket PC, you can perform a complete estimate, generate a bill of materials, and produce a final price while at the jobsite. Pocket Bid synchronizes with any of the company's desktop estimating software packages, and will run on any portable device that uses the Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 operating system.

Digital technology guides toner

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Relying on a proprietary advanced digital signal locating technology, the IntelliTone toner and probe series is designed to help you quickly find elusive, hidden, or bundled cables. Its digital signaling is designed to defeat bleed to quickly isolate a cable in a bundle, and rejects noise and false signals to help you locate a cable despite network termination or environmental conditions. Attach IntelliTone to a cable and set the sensing mode on the probe. Audio indicators and an LED display identify the location of the cable you're searching for. Diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities include cablemap, Ethernet link detect, telecom polarity/continuity, and talk battery.

A next-gen optical test set

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The FOT-930 MaxTester is a hand-held multifunction optical loss test set that delivers what the company says is fully automated, bi-directional loss test results in 10 seconds, and at up to three wavelengths on a singlemode port or two wavelengths on a multimode port. These configurations are designed to meet the requirements for all test situations, while the 1310-. 1490-, and 1550-nm three-wavelength configuration is especially suited for fiber-to-the-home testing. The MaxTester can include as many as eight instruments: insertion loss meter, power meter, optical return loss meter, visual fault locator, multimode and .. singlemode light sources, digital talk set, fiber length tester, and fiber inspection probe.

Field-installable fiber connector

Billed as the only no-epoxy/no-polish field-installable optical-fiber connector to feature a spring-loaded ferrule for mating with any LC connector on the market, the Optimax LC is designed to offer a quick termination process for premise cabling, fiber-to-the-desk, and remote site and repair situations. The connector is available in 50-µm and 62.5-µm multimode, as well as singlemode versions.

Management accessories

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A brush grommet panel, protective grommet, vertical lacer strips, and horizontal lacer bars have been introduced for Middle Atlantic Products' line of racks and enclosure systems. Five perforated steel lacer strips are designed to mount vertically to rackrail brackets, and include ample holes for cable ties. New L-shaped lacer bars have been designed to handle cable management in jobs of all sizes, and feature 2-, 4- and 6-inch offset. The 19-inch bars are sold in packs of 10. The protective grommet is 30-foot long black material that can be cut to size and fits knockouts in all of the company's enclosures. The brush grommet panel is a 1 3/4-inch 1U panel with a built-in cable management tray.

High-powered mini clip light

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Designed for hands-free use while working in dark installation areas, the Mini-Clip Light features a powerful xenon lamp (the same technology used to power the Tower of Lights at the World Trade Center site) and fits on your cap, safety glasses, hard hat, or clipboard. An LED version, featuring 20 hours of continuous burn time and 10,000-hour bulb life, is also available.

System addresses labeling standard

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Designed to support the TIA/EIA-606-A standard for appropriate identification of telecommunications infrastructure, the LabelWare System provides customizable identification of 110-wiring products, patch panels, wall plates, housing, ports and cables. Fade-resistant labels are formatted on pre-cut adhesive or perforated sheets. Software provides a variety of fonts and symbols, and lets you save jobs for future use, import or export various file types, and copy jobs from one label to another.

Three-in-one security balun

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For closed-circuit TV installations, the VideoEase CCTV Pass-Thru Balun allows remote power, PTZ control and video to be connected to a CCTV camera via one Category 5 cable rather than three dedicated cables. On one end, the balun features three cable leads that break out the 24-volt AC, PTZ, and video signals at the camera. At the other end, an .. eight-pin modular connect combines the three signals over the Cat 5 cable. Remote power (24-volts AC) is possible for up to 350 feet, with longer distances possible at 28-volts AC. The balun follows TIA-568 pin-out standards, and features a pin configuration label on the packet to ease installation.

Time-saving cable tray package

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The Cable-Mgr. cable tray system is designed for ceiling, wall or raised-floor installations, and features raceways and pre-fabricated multi-directional junctions/intersections that eliminate fabrication in the field. The manufacturer says its patent-pending design can cut installation nd design time in half. Installed with just one tool, Cable-Mgr. provides continuity between connected trays without the need for splices or additional hardware. Standard, light-duty, and heavy-duty versions are available. According to the company, the product meets or exceeds NEC requirements and is UL-certified as an equipment ground conductor.

Small footprint powerhouse

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At 8 by 2.25 inches, the ZoneDefender PRO AC surge protector is designed to offer space-saving installation with a punch—protection ratings from 80 kA to 240 kA. The device provides protection between line to neutral, line to ground, line to line, and neutral to ground. Features include high performance EMI/RFI filtering, advanced diagnostics, and a built-in audible alarm.

Singlemode fiber offers launch power

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NexCor optical fiber with the company's proprietary MaxPower technology is a singlemode cable that's designed to handle twice the launch power of comparable fibers for improved converged technologies in fiber-to-the-X installations. MaxPower increases the stimulated Brillouin scattering threshold of the fiber by 3 dB, which the company says doubles NexCor's power-handling capability over standard singlemode fibers. Converged voice, video and data services can be deployed with broader network coverage, reducing network costs. The increased power-handling capability, says the company, offers additional cost savings with the ability to consolidate central office or head-end equipment within a network.

Easy-reach cable tie tote

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The Ty-Rap Tote cable tie dispenser can hold 100 of the company's 8-inch Ty-Rap ties, and designed to free up workers' hands until the tie is ready to install. Contractors can carry the tote on their belt tool pouch, and a diamond-shaped opening makes for quick and easy access. Leather lining on the opening is designed to be easy on the fingers and resistant to abrasion and tears. The tote comes with 100 packaged, ready-to-use cable ties.

Relay tester has built-in routines

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Billed as the only electrical relay test set in the industry with built-in test routines and transducer testing capabilities, plus a touch-screen interface, the MPRT is designed to simplify routine protective relay testing, reduce errors, and increase testing efficiency in industrial installations. Touch the screen to access pre-set test routines for most manufacturers' relay types, then follow a step-through operation through the relay test process. Test results are displayed in calculated values, such as watts, vars, power factor, and ohms.

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