Product Preview

Sept. 1, 2018

Look for these products and systems on display at the BICSI Fall Exhibition, September 10-12.

BICSI Fall 2018 Exhibition Preview

3-cell Vis Divide

Milliken’s Cable Management business will showcase its newest product for the telecommunications industry, the 3-cell Vis Divide. Per the company, “Vis Divide with three cells is an expansion of Vis Divide, a segmented high-density polyethylene (HDPE) rigid conduit that provides dedicated pathways for the placement of more than one cable in a single conduit.

Where previous versions of Vis Divide have two available pathways, this new product offers three. The fabric divider molded directly into the Vis Divide conduit helps improve efficiency by utilizing all the available space within the conduit, while avoiding the risk of cable-over-cable damage. The extra pathways in the 3-cell Vis Divide allow for ease of futurization by eliminating the need to install new conduits.” Installation of the Vis Divide is similar in procedure to a traditional HDPE conduit, requiring no special equipment or training. For installation ease, each pathway in Vis Divide comes with color-coded Vis pulling tape already installed. The new 3-cell Vis Divide is available for purchase immediately.

Milliken Cable Management, infrastructure.milliken.comBooth 601

EZ Patch Flat Pack

The EZ Patch Flat Pack by Legrand is billed as an innovative addition to the company’s EZ Patch series, allowing 12 or 24 patch cords to be distributed from a single flat, plastic package, ideal for use in patch panel applications or installations on the go.

Per the company, “The EZ Patch Flat Packs are bagged with patch cords straight and flat, offering a quick and convenient way to introduce new cabling to a data center or building network. This bagged option allows for a cleaner, dust-free application when cardboard is not permitted in the data center. Cord memory is no longer an issue, with the packs laid out flat in a bundle. Having the bag tear from both ends provides quick connectivity options and improves cable management during installation. The EZ Patch Flat Pack by Legrand means a simplified installation – faster installation, less packaging waste and no more twist ties to deal with.”

Legrand North America, www.legrand.usBooth 427

Drybit Cat 6 cables

Hitachi Cable America Inc. (HCA) will be on hand to recount the development and release of its Drybit Category 6 indoor/outdoor plenum-rated cables. Per the company, “The Drybit cables offer a design that is appropriate for both wet places and plenum spaces.

The unique dry core cable design allows the owner to safely bridge two distinct cable environments using one single cable. Since the Drybit cables eliminate the need to physically transition from one cable type to another, they also eliminate the space, materials and costs associated with doing so.” The Drybit cable is UL listed CMP (plenum) and UL verified for electrical performance to ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Category 6. The Drybit design is also tested and verified for long term water exposure per UL test A826376. The Drybit cabling is intended for PoE applications and will support devices per IEEE 802.3 af, at and bt up to 100 watts. Available in both unshielded and shielded designs, the cable is made in the US at HCA’s Manchester, NH facility.

Hitachi Cable America,

Booth 827

PoE++ switch with device management software

Transition Networks will display its new 24-Port Managed Gigabit Ethernet PoE++ Switch line at the BICSI show, and the product will be featured in the exhibition’s “What’s New, What’s It Do?” theater. The next-generation SM24TBT2DPA switch can supply up to 90 watts of power per port (1560 watts total) for high-powered devices.

The switch provides (24) 10/100/1000Base-T ports with IEEE 802.3bt PoE++ capability and (2) additional 100/1000 dual speed SFP slots. Transition Networks has added new Device Management System (DMS) software that provides a unique set of value-added features and capabilities for the switch, enabling security integrators to lower overall cost, reduce downtime, and simplify management and maintenance of the entire network. The embedded DMS software allows users to establish and document a baseline deployment and automatically discover and remotely configure attached IP-powered devices including surveillance cameras and wireless APs.

Transition Networks, www.transition.comBooth 728

Design Estimating Pro takeoff tool

Per the company, “If you’re receiving your drawings in any of the following formats: .pdf, .png, .gif, .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, or .tif you need McCormick’s Design Estimating Pro takeoff tool.” The new tool is part of the McCormick Estimating System. According to the company, with Design Estimating Pro, all takeoff goes directly into the system automatically.

Multiple drawings may be brought into and used in a job. Users can select all the drawings within a PDF, or pick only the drawings being used for takeoff. Every item and assembly in the database has its own symbol characteristics. The takeoff may be marked using fully customizable shapes and colors. Line width and opacity may be varied between different items and assemblies. A text overlay may be added to the count or length takeoff. Just pick an item or assembly in either the permanent or jobs database and click the drawings to take it off. As stated by the company, “Users can estimate jobs in a fraction of the time it took before, all on screen and without touching a paper plan. Take PDF drawings to a proposal all in one program in record time.”

McCormick, www.mccormicksys.comBooth 326

Preterminated system

As noted by Leviton, "The market has made a very fast shift from talking about 100-Gbit/sec networks to 200 and 400 Gbits/sec in just one year." Those seeking to update their data centers to meet these emerging high-speed applications should consider the Leviton Opt-X Unity Fiber Migration System.

Billed as a "single, simple connectivity solution that reduces costs and saves time by reusing the fiber backbone," the Opt-X Unity platform makes it easy to migrate from 10 to 40-, 100-, 200- and 400-Gbit/sec networks. Via its system of trunks, harnesses and modules using best-in-class MTP multi-fiber connectors, and available in both singlemode and multimode fiber, the Opt-X Unity 24-F cabling system offers among the strongest returns on infrastructure investment among multifiber connector cabling options, says Leviton. As part of the company's HDX patching platform, the Opt-X Unity 24-F cabling system is designed to improve patching density, speed tech refreshes, and reduce network downtime. Supporting multimode (OM4+, OM4, OM3) and singlemode (OS2) fiber types, the system relies on the company's 8- and 12-fiber ULL and 24-F MTP cabling and cassettes with premium LC patch cords, and e2XHD and HDX enclosures and panels for 96- or 144-fiber-port deployments.

Leviton Network Solutions, www.leviton.comBooth 518

Cable-MGR CM20 cable tray system improves “waterfall” design

Wiremaid Products Corp. has updated its Cable-MGR CM20 cable tray system with an improved “waterfall” design to introduce at BICSI Fall 2018. The updated one-tool cable tray system, which requires no bending or cutting, adds further value by now including extended sides to further protect cables for the lifetime of an installation.

Per the company, “There are now two versions of the waterfall, one for the side or end of the tray, and one for the middle of the tray, in several different sizes.” The waterfall design’s added sides contain cables to prevent them from falling over the side of the tray. “We were speaking to one of our customer’s installers and discussing how they use the CM20. They told us that they’ve experienced cable not exactly flowing down the waterfall, and it would be great to design one with a side. We came up with a few prototypes and created a better waterfall to be used inside the length of the tray, and another for the side or end of the tray,” explains Wiremaid president and CEO Daniel Sinkoff. Made in the USA, the Cable-MGR CM20 Waterfall comes in a range of sizes and powder-coated colors and in widths from 4 up to 36 inches.

Wiremaid Products Corp., www.wiremaidusa.comBooth 536

Zone cabling enclosures

Optimized for distribution and high-density consolidation and fully made in the USA, the new zone cabling enclosures from Snake Tray bring modular flexibility to point-of-use components.

The enclosures are specifically designed for space-constrained installations, including PON systems. Snake Tray says the new enclosures “provide easy and cost-effective reconfiguration, so that a property keeps pace with changing electrical and data demands, now and down the road.”

Snake Tray,
Booth 823

OSP cable

Designed for use in standard HDPE ducts, aerial messenger systems and bundled micro-duct pathways, the LMHD-series MicroCare fiber-optic cable is a loose tube cable product line with cable diameters up to 50 percent smaller than traditional loose tube cables and a 600 pound load-rating, making it highly versatile for use in most outside plant cable installations.

The LMHD-series OSP MicroCore cable, with its 600 pound load-rating, can be pulled into standard HDPE ducts and, because of its small diameter, can be jetted into bundled micro-duct pathways. Minimum pathway inside diameters range from 13 mm to 20 mm. When applications require a transition from underground to aerial, the LMHD-series cables can be lashed to aerial messenger wires using standard outside plant cable lashing equipment and techniques. The LMHD-Series OSP MicroCore fiber optic cables consist of kink-resistant buffer tubes which reduce time and handling issues. Applications include long haul, local loop FTTx, campus backbone connections for 10G, 40G and 100G network transmission speeds. Available in 12 to 432 fibers, they are Telcordia GR-20 and IEC 60794-5-10 compliant.

Booth 527

End-to-end structured cabling solution

Exhibiting with its strategic partner, General Cable, Panduit will showcase all the elements of its award-winning structured cabling solution. The companies recently affirmed their long-standing partnership after Prysmian finalized its acquisition of General Cable.

About the products on display at the upcoming BICSI exhibition, Panduit said, “From the world’s smallest Category 6A copper cable to new PoE extenders, the Panduit structured cabling solution is engineered to help contractors install projects quickly and easily, while delivering the performance that today’s networks demand.” As stated by the company, the Panduit end-to-end structured cabling solution on display includes: “the Vari-MaTriX Category 6A copper cable, featuring the industry’s leading thermal properties for PoE, plus EMI mitigation, all in a 0.25-inch-diameter cable; the Field Term Plug, for fast, simple connection of digital building solutions such as cameras, access points and intelligent lighting; 28 AWG patch cords to make the best use of limited telco room real estate with no loss of performance; industry-leading connectivity products, including patch panels, patch cords, and jacks; and a new line of PoE Extenders, stretching PoE reach to remote devices like parking lot security cameras.”

Panduit, www.panduit.comBooth 731

FuturePath Figure-8 Self-Support Aerial

Dura-Line will showcase its FuturePath Figure-8 Self-Support Aerial. Per the company, “There’s not actually room on a power pole for seven attachments for seven different fiber networks, but with FuturePath Figure-8 Self-Support Aerial, seven MicroDucts are bundled into one conduit.

Not only is it a safer option for linemen because it cleans up the pole, it keeps fiber networks secure and easy to access.” The company says its FuturePath Figure-8 Self-Support Aerial option allows for a flexible, expandable network with dedicated, easily identifiable pathways for system upgrades, redundancy, and future capacity. Further, “as an ongoing revenue source, some customers have chosen to lease out the extra pathways,” asserts the company. Noting that “the strand does all the work,” Dura-Line states that with the FuturePath Figure-8 Self-Support Aerial “generally, poles are placed 150 to 200 feet apart and the tension on the line is between 1,500 and 2,500 lbs. The FuturePath Figure-8 Self-Support Aerial has been product tested to support up to 6,500 lbs. of linear tension. Dura-Line has accounted for rain, wind, and ice loading as well as a certain amount of sag between poles.

Dura-Line,www.duraline.comBooth 715

Counterfeit cabling intelligence

Learn about the latest tactics cabling counterfeiters are using by perusing the “Good Cable/Bad Cable” display and “Cable Burn Test” video from the Communications Cable & Connectivity Association (CCCA) at BICSI Fall 2018. Play the CCCA’s CableCheck Game and be entered in the association’s Amazon Echo raffle.

As a “source for science-based information [ranging from] the dangers of non-compliant and/or counterfeit products, to the most effective use of structured cabling in the data center, to collaborations on best practices for the design of sustainable cabling infrastructure projects,” CCCA bills itself as a primary resource to help BICSI installers ensure the safety, quality, and performance of communications cable and connectivity products.

CCCA, 712

NetXpert XG network qualifier

Optimized for testing older networks to determine if speed limits are possible beyond stated cable specs, Softing’s NetXpert XG 10G network qualifying tool will be introduced and available for hands-on demonstrations at the BICSI Fall exhibition.

As noted by the company, “With faster network hardware coming online, Cisco, Dell and others are promoting 2.5G/5GBase-T Ethernet that runs on existing Category 5e and Category 6 twisted pair cabling and supports high-speed wireless access points. In a perfect world, this would mean doubling transmission speed without the expense of pulling new cable. However, how can you be sure the existing cabling will support speeds higher than 1 Gbit/sec? 10G network qualifying will let facilities managers and contractors easily verify transmission rates up to 10 Gbits/sec (bit error rate testing) over the entire channel. It also will pinpoint faults and distance to faults along the way. You’ll know if your network can deliver 2.5G/5G; and if not, you’ll know exactly what to fix in order to optimize your wireless upgrade.”

Booth 611

Composite cable and remote powering for PoE

With the growth of the Internet of Things and smart buildings driving an increase in bandwidth and power demand, in some cases exceeding 10 Gbps and 100 watts of power, it is becoming increasingly important to consider new ideas when designing the base building.

On display at BICSI, Corning’s remote powering solution, which includes composite cable with active powering components, simplifies the network infrastructure while also saving labor costs. Per Corning, “The solution frees up closet space, centralizes backed-up power and environmental conditioning, and lightens the horizontal cabling and support burden by safely taking fiber and power deep into the building. In some cases, high and low voltage is delivered directly to end devices such as an interactive AV display, and in other cases to smaller PoE switches to connect and power nearby access points, smart lighting, and IoT devices via short category jumpers. The result is a future flexible infrastructure ready to deliver connectivity, virtually unlimited bandwidth, and thousands of watts of safe power throughout your building.”

Corning Optical Communications, www.corning.comBooth 619

LaserWave WideBand OM5 fiber spools

OFS will feature its award-winning LaserWave WideBand (OM5) Multimode Optical Fiber. Now available on spools, this fiber is designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s OM4 networks, along with next-generation OM5 short wavelength division multiplexing (SWDM) applications.

The LaserWave WideBand fiber extends the ability of conventional OM4 multimode fiber to support multiple wavelengths using SWDM. OFS states, “Unlike traditional multimode fiber, LaserWave WideBand fiber is designed to support traffic over wavelengths from 850 nm to 950 nm, allowing multiple lanes of traffic over the same strand of fiber. This capability improves the bandwidth capacity of multimode fiber, while maintaining its cost advantages for short-distance applications, up to 300 meters or more.”

OFS, www.ofsoptics.comBooth 511

J-Hook Cable Support Extender

MonoSystems’ J-Hook Cable Support Extender system “bridges the gap between a J-hook and a cable tray,” the company says. It provides a 12-inch-long by 2.75-inch-wide support platform. MonoSystems says the system reduces cable stress points, strain, sag, and heat buildup.

It is designed to be used with the manufacturer’s system The Hook, which allows J-hooks to link together without the need for additional hardware or labor. The combination of The Hook and the J-Hook Cable Extender provides a platform that offers greater support while avoiding heat buildup, MonoSystems explains. The extender is made of UL94 plenum-rated material that is gray in color—closely matching steel J-hooks so as not to create confusion or draw attention to any colors potentially used to identify a specific cable run.

MonoSystems, www.monosystems.comBooth 445

Fiber-optic cable assemblies

America Ilsintech will introduce its new line of Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies. Using advanced manufacturing processes, the fiber-optic cables are produced and quality tested in Ilsintech’s Indonesia and South Korea facilities.

Per the company, “The new product family includes Simplex and Duplex, Multimode and Singlemode, UPC and APC patch cords in LC, SC and ST configurations, as well as multi-fiber pigtails in SC, LC and MTP. Additionally, custom cable assemblies may be ordered in any configuration to meet specific application requirements. All fiber optic cables are manufactured with high-quality components including Corning Glass and Ilsintech’s Swift line of ferrules and connectors. All cables are produced in compliance with the Telcordia GR-326 standards, 100% tested and serialized. Additionally, Ilsintech assemblies are shipped with no added tariffs.” The company says its Dallas, TX warehouse offers ready stock for standard lengths and configurations that in most cases can be ordered and shipped on the same day.

America Ilsintech, Booth 406

SmartClass Fiber MPOLx test set

Viavi Solutions will showcase its SmartClass Fiber MPOLx, billed as “the industry’s first dedicated optical loss test set that can perform all the test requirements for Tier 1 (Basic) certification using MPO fiber connectivity.”

The MPOLx provides a source and power meter that integrate essential MPO test capabilities together to ensure a fast and reliable workflow when testing and certifying network links with native MPO connectivity, adds Viavi. With the MPOLx, field technicians can perform all the necessary test requirements for Tier 1 (Basic) certification in a single solution, including measuring MPO length and optical loss, checking polarity, inspecting fiber end faces, and generating certification reports. The MPOLx enables significantly faster MPO testing, asserts Viavi. With the test set, a single technician can inspect MPO end faces and perform tests from either end of the connection without the need for fan-out cables or extensive time walking back and forth between the two units, notes the company.

Viavi Solutions,

Booth 302

AROONA-STAR 10-Gbit/sec multimode fiber links

AROONA-STAR by CAILabs offers a solution to transmit throughputs of 10 Gbits/sec or more over multimode fiber links, without changing existing fibers. Per the company, “The majority of fibers deployed in local networks are standard multimode optical fibers (OMx, 62.5/125 μm or 50/125 μm) that are limited in bandwidth.

Depending on the topology and lengths of the cables deployed in the network architectures, the transmitted bit rates are limited to 1 Gbit/sec or even 100 Mbits/sec. By eliminating modal dispersion, AROONA-STAR circumvents this limitation without replacing the existing fibers. This innovation provides a flexible and affordable solution that reduces the investment in upgrading the cabling infrastructure.” The company adds that, regardless of the network topology, the AROONA-STAR box can transport 10 Gbits/sec or more over 6 multimode fiber pairs and thereby “supports evolutions in network traffic, without long, complex and expensive new deployments.”

CAILabs, www.cailabs.comBooth 423

P-touch EDGE labelers

Brother P-touch EDGE labelers are renowned for powerful features and professional function keys designed to make jobsite labeling easier, faster, and more efficient. Products on display at BICSI Fall 2018 will include the PT-E550W labeling tool and the complete family of P-touch EDGE industrial labelers.

Featured at BICSI will be the PT-E800 “transportable go-anywhere” labeling system. Per the company, with the P-touch EDGE labelers, “smart keys for common applications, intuitive menus, and on-screen prompts on handheld models [mean] practically anyone can make professional labels without reading a manual.” Further, Brother’s P-touch labeler tapes come in tough, durable drop-in cassettes with colors, sizes and adhesive strengths to meet a wide range of industry needs.

Brother Mobile Solutions, www.brothermobilesolutions.comBooth 645

4-pack vertical cable management channel

ICC announced that its new 40-inch Vertical Cable Management Channel product is now available in a 4-pack. (Part No. ICCMSC40BK). ICC says its 40’’ vertical cable management channel costs 40 percent less than a traditional 7 ft. metal channel and is designed to be stacked and mounted on the left or right sides of 2-post and 4-post distribution racks.

It can also be installed in between racks to join them together. Latches on the channel’s front can swivel open allowing large amounts of cable to be fed through and preventing it from falling out. Covers snap onto the channel to conceal cables and provide a neat and clean appearance. Compared to tall and single-piece channels, the company says the unit’s 40-inch height helps prevent damage during shipping, lowers shipping cost, and makes it easier to handle. Four channels with covers are packaged together in a single box.

ICC, www.icc.comBooth 610

Cable bundling tool

Cable bundling can be time consuming and painful; however, cable density is only increasing. Tantus Enterprises says its Bundlizer solves these two problems “and allows the technician to create perfect cable bundles with no sweat.”

Available in Cat 6 and Cat 6A configurations, the Bundlizer “will pay for itself in two days’ use,” contends Tantus. Per the company, “The Bundlizer bundles the cable while it is pulled off the reels or out of the boxes and eliminates the separate bundling process. Whether in high density data center applications or in premises locations, the Bundlizer will facilitate the best use of the cable pathway and rack space, while saving time and money.”

Tantus Enterprises,
Booth 641

Versiv cabling certification system

The modular Versiv family of cabling testers from Fluke Networks reduces the cost of copper and fiber certification by two-thirds, claims the company. The tool’s future-ready design supports copper media up to Cat 8, while measuring singlemode and multimode fiber loss and OTDR testing, plus inspection.

The Versiv tester’s advanced touchscreen interface “ensures jobs are done right the first time,” asserts the company. Technicians can manage jobs and testers from any smart device over Wi-Fi with the company’s LinkWare Live utility. While providing “unmatched certification times for copper (Cat 6A in eight seconds) and fiber (three seconds for two fibers/wavelengths),” Fluke notes that the Versiv platform will also “analyze test results and create professional test reports for copper and fiber (Tier 1 (Basic) / Tier 2 (Extended)) using the LinkWare reporting software.”

Fluke Networks, www.flukenetworks.comBooth 321

HPoE industrial fiber switches

Omnitron Systems will feature some of its newest products at Fall BICSI, including high-power Power over Ethernet (HPoE) fiber switches that are part of the company’s industrial RuggedNet and enterprise OmniConverter product lines.

These switches enable fiber-optic distance extension to HPoE powered devices. Available in managed and unmanaged models, the company says the high-power PoE RuggedNet and OmniConverter fiber switches enable the ability to deploy power-hungry pan-tilt-zoom cameras with heaters and blowers, and multi-stream wireless access point, at any distance from the network equipment. Both the RuggedNet and OmniConverter PoE fiber switches feature one or two fiber Gigabit ports, and four 10/100/1000 RJ-45 ports capable of delivering 15.4W PoE, 30W PoE+, and 60W or 100W HPoE to all ports. They are classified as power sourcing equipment (PSE) and provide full 100W HPoE power on all four RJ-45 ports.

Omnitron Systems,

Booth 726

UL-certified cables

Trans Cable has announced that its Category-5E and Category-6 plenum cables are now certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Trans Cable’s Category 5E CMP UTP UL listed cables feature 350 MHz, 24 AWG/4 pair solid bare copper conductors, unshielded with an overall plenum jacket, and are available in 10 colors.

The company’s Category 6 CMP UTP UL listed cables feature 550 MHz, 23 AWG/4 PAIR solid bare copper conductors, unshielded with an overall plenum jacket, and are also available in 10 colors. Made in the USA, all cables RoHS compliant as well as ETL and UL approved. Attendees to the BICSI Fall 2018 exhibition can find out more about the company’s new service, Trans Cable aXess, and receive samples of its CAT5E, CAT6, Audio Cable and Fire Alarm Cable products.

Trans Cable, www.verticalcable.comBooth 713

In-wall device charger and Ethernet data port

According to maker PoE Texas, “the GAF-USB2 in-wall device charger and Ethernet data port belongs anywhere people use mobile devices and laptops (which means everywhere). Unlike other in-wall charging stations, the WT-GAF-USB2 can be installed without costly electrical upgrades.

It connects to the existing data network cables and uses Power over Ethernet for charging phones, tablets, and other USB devices. The built-in RJ45 data port provides a Gigabit data connection for laptops, WiFi, smart TVs, or any other networked device.” The company adds that the unit’s two USB ports are optimized for fast charging of Apple and Android devices, “and they don’t connect to to the data network, so they’re guaranteed secure.”

PoE Texas, www.poetexas.comBooth 810

LinkRunner G2 handheld copper/fiber Ethernet tester

The LinkRunner G2 is billed as a smart copper and fiber Ethernet handheld network tester that simplifies network validation and configuration. Among the industry’s first Android-based smart network testers, the LinkRunner G2 features a built-in camera, speaker and microphone and a large color display. The tester runs Android apps to configure and triage connected devices and test the network.

Test results can be automatically uploaded to Netscout’s encrypted and highly secure Link-Live results management database at the completion of each test. Per Netscout, the LinkRunner G2 “empowers network professionals responsible for device deployment and troubleshooting, while facilitating collaboration between teams. For organizations challenged by the rapid growth of network-connected devices, this next-generation test tool enables network professionals to accelerate deployments, speed problem identification and deliver installation validation in a single, ruggedized unit.” The tool enables and more-effective installation and troubleshooting workflow, Netscout adds.


Booth 628

Fiber-optic cleaning kits

Sticklers fiber-optic cleaning products by MicroCare Corp. will present its new Fiber-To-The Antenna (FTTA) and Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) cleaning kits for the first time during BICSI Fall 2018. Per Sticklers, “The FTTA kit contains enough materials to clean more than 1,500 1.25mm ODC and LC connectors, while the FTTH kit able to clean over 1,800 SC, FC, ST and E2000 connectors.

Each kit gives installers one-stop access to a full-line of affordable, high-quality fiber cleaning products engineered to clean multiple connector types and sizes, as well as bare fiber. The unique kits contain all the necessary equipment to ensure fiber-optic connectors and splices are kept spotlessly clean. Importantly. they include non-flammable, non-toxic and globally GHS compliant cleaning fluid packaged in a hermetically sealed container. This allows them to be easily shipped anywhere in the world.”

Sticklers, www.sticklerscleaners.comBooth 304

Cloud-based takeoff/estimating/bid solution

Esticom is a cloud-based, on-screen takeoff, estimating, and bid-management solution built by cabling contractors for cabling contractors, its developer says. “Esticom enables you to quickly bid and win projects without printing paper plans, fumbling around with Excel or using other cumbersome and outdated processes,” the company adds.

“Cabling contractors report on average a 3x increase in the number of projects bid and awarded without increasing office staff, while simultaneously decreasing their overhead expenses, making them more competitive.” Esticom says users can be up and running in minutes using their out-of-the-box material database. Its cloud-based structure requires no heavy upfront investment in hardware or software, and Esticom offers a free 14-day fully functional evaluation.

Esticom, www.esticom.comBooth 629

Fiber blowing machines

Jameson has partnered with Fremco to bring high-performance fiber blowing machines for FTTx, access network and backbone installation to the U.S. market. Jameson’s extensive product lineup hinges on the Multiflow fiber blowing machine for backbone and access networks.

Per the company, "Designed for maximum performance and functionality, the MultiFlow easily converts from single cable installs to microduct relining applications. It easily adapts to various cable and duct sizes common to backbone installation." Other machines now available also include the air-powered Miniflow blowing machine for backbone and network installations, featuring a compact design and install speeds up to 100 meters per minute. For its part, the Nanoflow fiber blowing machine offers extreme portability and cable protection, plus battery-powered convenience for automatic FTTH installations. Finally, offering air or water install options, the Microflow machine for FTTH installation is AC-powered and features a touchscreen display for easy setup.


Booth 700

R&M Mercury high-density fiber connectivity platform

From R&M, Mercury is a high-density fiber connectivity platform designed to splice today’s high-count ribbon cables, meeting the growing needs of networking infrastructure for increased bandwidth, space optimization, efficiency and flexibility.

The Mercury is a stackable fiber platform designed to terminate high fiber count cables in a data center environment, providing up to 6,912 LC fiber terminations in a rack. R&M notes the Mercury platform was especially designed to optimize ribbon fiber. The platform is stackable in steps of 2, 4 or 6 rack units, making it highly scalable for future expansion. Further, users can save 30 percent duct space with the system's 200-micron option, asserts the company.

R&M USA Inc., www.rdm.comBooth 533

Networked sound masking system

Cambridge Sound Management will be featuring its DynasoundPro Networked Sound Masking system.

Billed as “the industry’s first PoE sound masking system [which] sets the standard for control,” the company explains that, with DynasoundPro, “every loudspeaker can be individually configured to receive one or more of eight network audio channels and the output of one or more of four sound masking generators.” The included Privacy Manager software enables adjustments on a system-wide, per zone, or per loudspeaker basis.

Cambridge Sound Management,
www.cambridgesound.comBooth 501

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