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The Black Box Rackmountable Cable Raceways (RMT103A-R3) have punch-outs in rear to accommodate cables to pass through, making installation easy.

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Rackmountable cable raceways from Black Box

The Black Box Rackmountable Cable Raceways (RMT103A-R3) have punch-outs in rear to accommodate cables to pass through, making installation easy. The raceways can be mounted onto any distribution rack for easy compatibility, and feature removable covers for easy changes and cabling maintenance, with slotted ducts to provide ample space for routing cables. They are available in horizontal and vertical styles, and in single or double-sided versions. Horizontal raceways are available in 1U or 2U heights. The vertical center-mount raceways allow users to join two distribution racks. The single sided raceways are intended for tighter spaces where less cables may run.

Black Box, www.blackbox.com

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Eaton’s B-Line High Density Network Rack System

The B-Line Series High Density Network Rack System (HDNR) utilizes Eaton’s patented 4-Dimension structural support system. To help reduce costs and preserve valuable data center floor space, the HDNR’s unique cable management design supports its maximum cable capacity without increases in physical footprint. Eaton’s HDNR system offers a range of open-frame solutions with a full line of rack, cable management, power, and air flow accessories. For preserving uptime during maintenance or system changes, the system is designed with low-profile, in-rack electrical power distribution unit (ePDU) mounting that allows users to remove equipment from the back of the rack without disconnecting power. The HDNR system also features fully adjustable rails designed to meet diverse and changing equipment, cabling and power needs both before and after installation. Multiple ePDU mounting options offer versatility when system requirements are unknown.

Eaton B-Line, www.eaton.com/hdnr

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HPE’s rack and power infrastructure products for servers and data centers

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) says its Enterprise Series Racks offer “innovative intelligence capabilities for asset management, structural integrity, cooling and cable management, and a wide choice of power and switching options to match computing requirements today and in the future.” When paired with optional HPE Location Discovery Services, each component’s rack identification number and precise U location is sent to the system’s servers, providing important location information to the iLO, HPE OneView and Insight Control software, allowing users to place workloads more efficiently. “Manual, error-prone asset management is removed because servers can now self-identify and inventory themselves,” notes the company. Custom options are available.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE),www.hpe.com

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