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Aug. 1, 2018
Cablofil universal ‘Hang On’ drop out (UDO) from Legrand

Cablofil universal ‘Hang On’ drop out (UDO) from Legrand

The Cablofil Universal “Hang On” Drop Out (UDO) from Legrand offers an ideal support solution for running cables in high capacity data centers. Cable management is a crucial element to keep data centers supported and running, but it is a challenge to run expansive lengths of cable without compromising the support of wire mesh cable trays at the cable dropout location. The UDO makes it easy to perform cable drops directly off the side of the tray without having to make any cuts or modifications, allowing users to maintain the strength of the tray. “Ideal for copper, fiber-optic or PoE cabling, the UDO can support and protect large cable bundles with ease,” says the company.


Ladder-rack style cable runways maximize space

The ladder racks product line from Belden is available in a wide selection of styles, sizes and colors; follows standard installation procedures; and is compatible with most brands. Belden says its ladder racks offer a tested and proven design that allows for optimized cable bandwidth and maximum cabling density within any data center or IT room. The solution offers the company’s traditional level of quality and workmanship, with a number rapid deployment and space-saving features for meeting cable-management needs. A complete accessories lineup is available for rounding out end-to-end Belden installations.


Snake Tray’s Critical Care auxiliary cable manager

Snake Tray’s newest addition to its cable management solutions line is this color-coded multiple pocket cable manager, which serves the specialized internal communication needs of all healthcare facilities. The Snake Tray Critical Care auxiliary cable manager provides up to eight separate color-coded pathways to manage such services as nurse call, biomedical systems, fire/life safety, DAS, and building automation. The unit easily connects to the bottom of any cable tray or mounts vertically to a wall, providing a wealth of design capabilities. All Snake Tray products are made in the USA.

Snake Tray,

Rack-mountable fiber management solutions

The 1RU Slack Cable Management Enclosure from Fiber Instrument Sales (FIS) provides a secure, dedicated space for storage of excess network cable. Keep service loops organized and slack cable safely recessed. The enclosure features a slide-out tray and removable doors for easy access when loading and managing cable. It also includes (4) management pucks, multiple cable tie downs, and all hardware needed to completely install. Comfortably route and store up to 25 meters of 3.0mm cable around the enclosure’s semi-circular slack management rings. Spring-loaded stop latches keep the slide-out tray securely locked in place when retracted. The enclosure installs into a standard 19-inch telecommunications rack, with mounting options available for 23-inch racks. FIS constructs this enclosure from 14-gauge aluminum with a standard black powder coating. The enclosure is lightweight, rugged, and simple to install in any network deployment, FIS says.

Fiber Instrument Sales,

Black Box BasketPAC cable tray system

The Black Box BasketPAC cable tray system is billed as a “tough, reliable cable management solution that’s simple to install.” The system’s straightforward hardware means cable tray sections fit together quickly and easily. The BasketPAC system features 78” (198.1 cm) trays “compact enough to ship through UPS and fit in an elevator,” says Black Box. The tray’s precision-engineered, high-quality, welded steel wire construction ensures that cables are strongly supported today and well into the future. A special safety edge protects installers from sharp wires and keeps cables from fraying and needing replacement. The BasketPAC cable tray system can be customized with a variety of components. The system supports several joining methods, including bolt-free splices and universal splice bars. Other hardware options include cable tray supports, brackets, a cable radius, a cable roller kit and a tray cutter.

Black Box,

Custom-configurable wire-mesh tray

Quest Manufacturing describes its wire mesh cable tray system as a “simple-to-install basket cable tray for proper installation of facility wiring in the ceiling and under floor.” The system is made of carbon steel with an electro-zinc plated finish, and is custom-configurable to any installation. “It is easy to cut and bend for adaptability,” Quest notes. “A full line of accessories is available for mounting cable trays on the wall from the ceiling or under the floor, as well as cable guides and various fastening solutions.” The tray system is available in 5- and 10-foot lengths, and in 4-, 6-, 8-, and 12-inch widths. Five-foot lengths are UPS-shippable.

Quest Technology Group,

New 5-inch load depth for COPE-GLAS rugged cable trays

Cope recently announced a new 5-inch load depth for its COPE-GLAS cable tray, enhancing the line of existing 2-, 4-, and 6-inch depths. Made of permanently bonded continuous glass filament coated with reinforced polyester (or vinyl ester resin) and alternating layers of glass mat, the COPE-GLAS cable tray is inherently chemical-resistant. This ability to withstand severely corrosive environments and improved weatherability can extend product life expectancy and dramatically reduce tray installation lifecycle costs. The COPE-GLAS cable tray is strong and lightweight, allowing it to be installed quickly and easily. Because there are no sharp edges or burrs, long runs of armored cable can be installed with less chance for cable damage. Each straight section is designed with pre-punched holes to easily accept the splice plate fastener. Available in 10- or 20-foot lengths, the product meets Underwriters Laboratories Fiberglass Cable Tray Standard UL 568.

Cope Cable Tray U.S.,

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