Greenlee rolls out new DSV products

Greenlee Textron Inc. (Rockford, IL) claims it has the most extensive line of tools available for the data-communications industry, thanks to a newly expanded line of wire and cable installation, test, and maintenance products, including:

--Mark A. DeSorbo

Greenlee Textron Inc. (Rockford, IL) claims it has the most extensive line of tools available for the data-communications industry, thanks to a newly expanded line of wire and cable installation, test, and maintenance products, including:

- a complete range of wire and cable cutters,

- strippers and combination cutters/ strippers,

- complete crimping systems (including dies) and other termination products,

-a variety of testers for tracing, testing, and verifying wire and cable.

The products will be marketed under the data, signal, and voice (dsv) banner to signify that they target an even broader range of applications than just data communications, according to marketing manager Chris Tarpley (see "Datacom Technologies acquired by Textron," on page 112).

"Cable installers now have a single source for high-quality tools," Tarpley says. "They need to take full advantage of all the new opportunities in telecommunications, data networking, security and alarm, cable TV, and other dsv markets. These new products help installers improve productivity and reduce cost on the job site."

The most extensive line of new items comes from Greenlee Textron`s troubleshooting and test-equipment products, says Chuck Clark, product manager. The multi-network cable tester verifies cable integrity as well as wiring configuration for coaxial or twisted-pair cables, while the coaxial tester provides quick verification of opens or shorts in either the conductor or the shield of coaxial cable.

"Our testers are extremely intuitive. They can even tell what kind of cable you`re testing," Clark says.

A Turtel 8 Modular Adapter can be used in conjunction with tone generators for inline testing of data lines without service interruption. The Turtel 6 Modular Adapter/Polarity Tester troubleshoots and isolates problems with telephone circuits and can be used with tone generators, test sets, and other test devices.

"We didn`t intentionally start making these devices to look like turtles," Clark quips. "We just used the color green because of our name and then we thought: `Well, they sort of look like turtles.` The adapter is a time-saver, and it accelerates the troubleshooting process."

The company`s combined tone generator and probe help installers trace wires and troubleshoot circuits in a variety of applications.

Other test equipment includes the dsv Universal Test Set, the Universal Test Set Plus, and the dsv Power Talk 2000. The dsv Universal Test Set monitors communications circuits. Its ergonomic design features a two-tone ringer, a 10-number memory, redial, mute, and a high-impedance monitor, while the Universal Test Set Plus adds a loudspeaker for hands-free operation. The dsv Power Talk 2000 enables a technician to communicate over inactive lines using a standard test set.

"These products are used by the telecommunications field. They are impact-resistant to 20 feet and waterproof and are also built for harsh environments--rain, snow, and sleet," Clark adds.

In its crimping-tool product lines, Greenlee Textron has introduced the Kwik Cycle system, which includes 8-and 9-inch crimp platforms, with more than 40 crimping dies. The tool accommodates coaxial connectors, modular plug connectors, insulated and noninsulated terminals, open-barrel contacts, and fiber-optic connectors across a wide range of crimp sizes. The Kwik Cycle 8 is suitable for hard-to-handle smaller connectors such as fiber-optic connectors and open-barrel contacts, while the larger Kwik Cycle 9 delivers a higher leverage force.

A new punchdown tool is also among the products being introduced. The device was designed for greater operator comfort and faster wire seating and termination. Greenlee Textron reports that the Greenlee Punchdown Tool can be used to terminate all 66- and 110-style crossconnect blocks and 110-style wall jacks. Its bayonet-style blade-locking device is compatible with standard industry tools. Replacement blades manufactured from heat-treated, high-carbon steel are available from the company.

Clark explains that the punchdown tool is unlike most others because it has a specifically designed neoprene pad at the rear to cushion and absorb the shock of impact. This feature, along with a spring-loaded internal impact mechanism, makes it less fatiguing and more comfortable for the operator.

"Anything you can do to limit the shock of impact helps. We looked at three or four popular [punchdown tools] and rolled them all into one and came up with this one," he says.

For more information, call (815) 397-7070, fax: (815) 397-1865, or browse the company`s Web site at

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