Pirelli recasts itself as Prysmian

Dec. 1, 2005
The cable manufacturing company the industry has always known as Pirelli has shed that name and is recasting itself as Prysmian Cables & Systems (www.

The cable manufacturing company the industry has always known as Pirelli has shed that name and is recasting itself as Prysmian Cables & Systems (www.prysmian.com).

The move comes after the company’s acquisition by Goldman Sachs Capital Partners on July 28. In a release announcing the name change, the company said Prysmian will continue to operate and develop its business in the two core cable sectors of telecommunications and energy. The company is based in Milan, Italy and its United States headquarters is in Lexington, SC.

“Our strategy is to continue working as an innovative partner of all of our customers, continuing to develop new and better products for them,” stated Valerio Battista, Prysmian’s chief executive officer. “We operate in a complex and changing market environment, and we will continue to strive for excellence in both the products and services which we provide to our clients.”

The company said that it will maintain its existing product portfolio, which covers the full range of energy cable products, from very high-voltage cable for submarine and terrestrial installation through industrial applications. The telecommunications portfolio is equally comprehensive, the company pointed out, featuring a full range of optical cable and fiber along with conventional copper-cable products.

Prysmian aimed to make an impact with its new name at last month’s International Wire and Cable Symposium (IWCS), an annual conference on cable development and manufacturing. Company representatives presented technical papers, covering such topics as new designs and applications for optical fiber, advanced manufacturing methods for optical fiber, and new construction concepts for optical ground wire.

“Our name may have changed but our approach to the technical challenges of the business remains the same,” said Brian DiLascia, vice president and general manager of Prysmian Communications Cables and Systems USA. “Success in our market is only achieved through a continuous effort to improve and innovate across our full product range.”

-Patrick McLaughlin

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