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Mini-duct aids micro fiber installation

Th 0510cimarnco
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The Fiber-Guard/MD (mini-duct) is designed for new or existing conduit to maximize capacity in micro fiber cable installations. It subdivides a larger conduit into several mini-ducts, and is designed to fit ¾-inch to 2-inch conduit. The internal rib design is permanently lubricated with proprietary Perma-Lube, which is designed to reduce friction between the micro cable and duct. Choose from single and multiple (bundled) configurations to meet your specific installation needs. Bundled configurations are built to offer extra protection to an individual mini-duct while maximizing conduit utilization. The mini-duct is available in a range of sizes and colors. Conduit is marked with sequential foot or meter markings, and is offered in standard stock or custom lengths.

Network power control

Th 191820
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IPC36xx and IPV42 Series intelligent power controllers are available in rack-mount and 42-inch strip versions, and provide individual on/off control of eight outlets. Power is controlled remotely via Ethernet or RS-232 connections. The network interface can be accessed with a Web browser, telnet client, or with SNMP management software. Other features include reboot and sequence capability, system monitoring that allows e-mail notification of events or SNMP traps, and administrator and user system login access levels. The software includes settings for outlet names, unit names, network settings, sequence times, and reboot times. The IPC36xx series is an industrial-grade, 19-inch rack-mounted unit. According to the manufacturer, it doesn’t require a master controller, thereby eliminating a point of failure that plagues comparable products. The IPV42 series is a 42-inch by 2 × 2-inch vertical strip (pictured).

Pass-through floor box

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Designed for audio/video installations where it is necessary to pass cables through the box without interfering with various connectors, the FL-710 floor box’s front-to-back pass-thru route can simplify installation when a group of boxes must be connected in series. The box can be used on carpeted floors or over concrete. A lift-off cover gives you access to all internal cables and connector plates, while a hinged trap door flips back to establish a cable exit. All cables can be stored within the box when not in use.

Jobsite storage chest

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Storagemaster chests, available in models ranging from 35.3 to 57.5 cubic feet, are designed to provide maximum security on the jobsite. The units feature a patent-pending proprietary lock system-a deadbolt-like security mechanism requiring a one-time lock installation so that you don’t have to replace locks. Its recessed lock design, says the manufacturer, eliminates the threat of attempts to break the lock with bolt cutters. The chests’ large shelves have pre-punched holes designed to accommodate additional accessory doors to protect tools even while the chest is open. Recessed chest handles help reduce damage risks during transportation, and are designed to provide a firm grip with gloved or bare hands. Dual gas springs allow one-handed opening. All models have 12-gauge, caster-ready skids designed for easy maneuverability with a forklift. All chests are made of 16-gauge steel with full arc-welded seams and a heavier 7-gauge cover tang that provides extra strength and weather protection.

Fiber data identifier

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A handheld, real-time operational data detector for installing and maintaining fiber links, the FID-20 optical-fiber identifier detects optical transmissions in singlemode fiber in real time. The battery-operated device detects from a fiber by bending it with a clamping device called a plunger, located at the head of the FID-20. The plunger forms macro-bending to obtain the leak light, which is then detected by the unit’s photosensors. LCD display and LED indicators signal the presence of several types of light signals and their traffic directions. The identifier, which can be easily clamped while in cramped work spaces, is applicable for 0.25- and 0.9-mm coated fiber, up to 3-mm fiber cord, and up to 12-fiber ribbon.

Cable-protecting grommet edging

Th 0510cimdevicetech
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Spring-Fast flush-mount cable protection grommet edging is designed to protect cabling from abrasion and deliver more reliability. A 4-axis castle design provides secure cable routing and protection, significantly reducing the chance of cables snagging or developing abrasion damage. For use in squaring inside corners, or outside corners with a minimum 6-mm radii, Spring-Fast features a stainless steel substrate base and is encapsulated in a smooth, abrasion-resistant and fusion-bonded polyamide coating that eliminates the need for adhesives or chemicals.

Security transmitters and receivers

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A line of high-performance optical transmitters and receivers is designed to provide the ability to convert security camera video output to an optical signal, then transmit the signal up to 8 km and convert it back to an electronic video signal. Transmitters and receivers, which are available as standalone units or packaged in sets, use ST fiber connectors on multimode and singlemode optical-fiber cable.

Fiber plug-and-play

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The Plug & Play Universal System is a preterminated optical-fiber cabling system designed to streamline the process of deploying a fiber network infrastructure in premises installations-especially data center applications. Its proprietary design eliminates polarity problems caused by incorrect placement of modules and jumpers. The system’s modules and harnesses are wired the same way to simplify system assembly, so that all components in the system connect to one another the same way. High fiber-count trunks can be routed to an intermediate distribution area where smaller fiber-count trunks are interconnected and distributed to zone, station, or cabinet areas. Included with the system are trunks, extender trunks, harnesses, modules, and patch cords.

Balun supports four video channels

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The Quad Video Balun, developed for security video and audio/video applications, allows up to four composite video channels to be transmitted up to 2,200 feet over one Category 5 cable, thus replacing up to four coaxial cables.

Label creation software

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TagPrint 606 label creation software is designed especially for telecom applications, offering full compliance to the ANSI/TIA/EIA-606-A standard. The what-you-see-is-what-you-get software features pre-defined tables and label designs that include most common label sequences used to mark patch panels, wall plates, and horizontal links. You can place telecom graphics, text, and lines anywhere on the label, while a sequencing feature lets you skip tedious data entry when designing labels. In addition to its labeling software, the company manufactures a companion product line that includes thermal transfer, laser, ink jet and dot matrix printable labels, thermal transfer printers, the Spirit 2100 portable printing system, and pre-printed and hand-writable cable markers.

Dual-radio wireless bridge connects two LANs

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The Elite Connect 2.4-GHz dual-radio 802.11g wireless bridge is designed to connect two LANs and provide wireless client access simultaneously with full 54-Mbits/sec bandwidth for all links. The device is especially suited for difficult-to-cable locations, such as branch offices, schools, hospitals, and warehouses. In Bridge Repeater mode, both WLAN interfaces are configured as LAN-to-LAN bridge interfaces. In AP Repeater mode, one WLAN interface is configured as an AP interface and the other as a LAN-to-LAN bridge interface. In Dual AP mode, both WLAN interfaces are configured as AP interfaces. According to the manufacturer, the Dual AP can handle twice the number of wireless clients as a conventional access point. The Elite Connect provides enterprise-level advanced authentication and encryption security, including 64/128/152-bit WEP wireless data encryption, Wi-Fi Proctected Access (WPA) and authentication using 802.1×. Advanced security features incorporate disable SSID broadcast, wireless client isolation, and MAC filtering. It also offers multiple levels of protocol filtering (Ethernet, IP, TCP/UDP) designed to ensure network security.

Color-keyed connector cover

Th 0510cimtbcover
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Color-Keyed soft shell H-Tap and C-Tap connector covers now feature a smaller design to save space within a telecommunications enclosure, and a new latch mechanism that can speed installation. Rated to 105° C, the connector covers feature flash barriers that protect against electrical flashover. Connectors are constructed of high-impact polypropylene, or clear (with internal identification pocket), impact-resistant and flame-retardant polycarbonate. Each connector type is available in five configurations.

Wireless modem links remote sites to network

A GSM/GPRS wireless modem, for out-of-band networking with the company’s LX 1000 Series console servers, allows data connectivity between remote and central control sites. The dual-band modem supports traditional inbound/outbound circuit-switched data mode over a wireless, cellular connection, as well as direct Internet connectivity mode using a PPP stack over the modem to an ISP. Models are available for U.S./Canadian use, and for European use.

Central office connectivity

Th 0510cimtrompeter
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The UPL-143 SMZ Posilock connector is designed for high-reliability applications in the telecom central office. The manufacturer says it has introduced the connector to meet the demand resulting from an influx of central office equipment from offshore manufacturers who are using the British-standard Posilock SMZ connector configuration. The devices, which accommodate cable and hex-crimp diameters ranging from .178 to .290, are available in straight and 90° configurations, and are designed to provide the same combination of routing and cable management in high-density interconnect panels as the company’s standard BNC products.

Panel-mount cable assembly

Th 0510cimmultibeam
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Designed for power supplies, pluggable power distribution systems and fan trays used in telecom equipment, the “slide-to-lock” panel-mount Multi-Beam XL cable assembly is built to reduce installation time by 75%. The connector snaps into a panel and, according to the company, can be easily removed without special tools. The slide-to-lock feature provides +/- 0.030-inch floating in X and Y directions. High-strength housings combine dedicated power and signal contacts into one interface to be used as a single docking type connector for power distribution.

Web-based network control

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The IP-AB series of Web-enabled communications switches for redundancy and failover applications is designed to ensure constant connectivity by toggling to redundant lines or equipment in the event of service failure. The switches support automatic failure detection and manageability via Web browser or simple network management protocol (SNMP). The IP-AB devices support a variety of networking and telecommunications interfaces, and provide Layer 1 physical switching. Access the switch remotely by pointing a Web browser to the switch’s IP address and entering a user name and password. Once accessed, you can toggle the phone or data system to the redundant line by clicking the corresponding button. You can also program a threshold (fail condition) at which the switches’ auto-ping feature will automatically detect failed equipment and switch to a redundant line. Security features include dual password set-up, SSL options, and unique indentifier capabilities that let you create personalized names for the switch and its two circuits.

Non-line-of-sight wireless transmission

Th 0510cimv Zion
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The V-zion system is designed to offer true non-line-of-sight (NLOS) digital wireless CCTV transmission for video surveillance installations. Transmission of images as well as between antennas is 100% digital, according to the manufacturer. Through the use of specially designed antennas, base units, and transceivers, V-zion is designed to connect NLOS surveillance cameras up to three miles away to a receiver via a wireless connection. The system can also reach cameras up to 20 miles away in line-of-sight transmission using the same transceivers. According to the company, the placement of one central antenna will let V-zion group up to 100 fixed or PTZ cameras at once.

Multitool for datacom, telecom, electrical

Paladin Tools has partnered with knife-manufacturer SOG Specialty Knives to produce PowerPlay, a family of multitools designed specifically for datacom, telecom, and electrical work. The PT-525 is 24 tools in one, and the PT-510 is 18 tools in one. Among the capabilities of each is a Category 5e cable stripper, Romex cutter and stripper, 110 and 66 punchdown blades, drywall saw, and drywall punch. The patented Compound Leverage design uses a gear mechanism that provides twice the gripping and cutting power of other multitools, and requires the same or less force to deliver. The tool also boasts a one-handed flip-open capability so the technician can simultaneously hold onto a cable or ladder.

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