RiT launches Version 4 of intelligent-management software

March 29, 2004 - The company says the new PatchView for the Enterprise allows users to comply with today's security and privacy standards.

RiT Technologies (www.rittech.com) has launched Version 4 of PatchView for the Enterprise (PV4E), the analytic software component of PatchView Intelligent Phyiscal Layer Management Solution.

"The newly developed software modules represent an infrastructure that enabled us to focus on physical layer security, starting in our new Version 4," explains Liam Galin, RiT president and CEO. "We built these solutions in response to our customers' need to comply with today's arduous security and privacy standards, and legislation. In addition, we have added fast-ROI features that make PV4E an even more valuable tool for the IT staff of organizations with mission-critical networks."

PatchView IPLMS is deployed in more than 2.5 million managed ports throughout the world.

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