Mohawk unveils PlenumPlus family of copper cables

March 14, 2005 - Cables are manufactured with a new enhanced user-friendly Thermoplen LCTM jacket.

Mohawk has announced the PlenumPlus family of copper cables, manufactured with a new enhanced user-friendly Thermoplen LCTM jacket.

This new cable jacket is designed to offer excellent flexibility, strip-ability and reduced memory effect for ease of installation with reduced coiling. The cable meets stringent NFPA tests for flame spread and smoke. In addition, significant improvement has been made in the jacket's ability to take color concentrates and printability eliminating the need for previously required hard-to-read marker tapes of traditional Limited Combustible constructions.

PlenumPlus cables are designed to deliver fire safety technology with a Thermoplen LCTM Jacket. Developed and introduced to the market more than two years ago, PlenumPlus cables combine electrical performance and fire safety performance by meeting the National Fire Protection Association 90A primary mandatory limited combustible requirements for materials and products used in air-handling spaces.

Now PlenumPlus, which utilizes DuPont Teflon FEP for the insulation, also incorporates ThermoPlen LC for the jacket. This is designed to deliver extra fire protection where greater fire safety and performance are needed as well as greater flexibility, strip-ability and ease of use over traditional limited combustible constructions.

PlenumPlus cables are available from stock in blue or white jacket colors in 4-pair MegaLAN Category 5e Plus, 4-pair AdvanceNet Category 6e and 4-pair GigaLAN Category 6e Plus.

Mohawk, a division of Belden CDT, is based in Leominster, MA. For more information visit

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