Actelis deploys Ethernet-over-copper platforms in The Netherlands, Germany

March 18, 2005
March 18, 2005 - Company's MetaLIGHT solution is deployed.

Actelis Networks Inc. has announced deployments of the MetaLIGHT Ethernet-over-Copper platforms in The Netherlands and Germany.

Actelis Networks, a member of the Ethernet in the First Mile Association (EFMA), also announced it has joined the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) following the merger of the two organizations.

In The Netherlands, Actelis in partnership with Q&I, a network integrator and the municipality of Bergen op Zoom, has provided a solution for the delivery of premium Ethernet services over the existing copper infrastructure. Bergen op Zoom provides services throughout the municipality that includes many historic buildings. The MetaLIGHT products from Actelis have enabled Centrum voor de Kunsten, center for the arts, to expand and accelerate its network throughout its historic facility.

"We considered several solutions for the music school center, such as leased lines over fiber, xDSL, ISDN, and wireless," says Winfried Tiemessen, senior IT manager for Bergen op Zoom.

"We found them to be too slow, too expensive, or totally impractical, Tiemessen continues. "We needed to find a technology that would provide superior digital services over our existing copper lines. Q&I supplied the perfect answer with the products from Actelis Networks."

The link was set up within a single day and delivered 10 Mbits/sec of Ethernet traffic over a distance of 800 meters using only two active copper pairs without any interference or crosstalk to other signals on the copper cable.

"The system is affordable, the installation time is very short, and the speed per pair is excellent," says Tiemessen. "We are seeing excellent response times in the network and the applications are running without any problems. The music center is very happy."

In Germany, BITel GmbH in partnership with Quante Netzwerke GmbH has installed the MetaLIGHT platforms from Actelis.

"The Actelis MetaLIGHT platform is ideal because of how quickly and economically it allows us to eliminate barriers to delivering high-bandwidth Ethernet services to a wide variety of customers," says Alfred Kerscher, chief executive officer of BITel. "Since the MetaLIGHT platform uses copper pairs available to us through Deutsche Telecom to deliver services, we have everything we need already in place to deliver high-bandwidth Ethernet services. This allows us to expand our service offerings and gain new customers, while keeping our equipment and operating costs to a minimum."

In a recent installation, BITel chose the MetaLIGHT platform to accelerate the link between a branch office and its headquarters. By using the new Ethernet service from BITel, the customer has reduced its monthly recurring telecommunications service costs, reduced network management time, and now has high-quality bandwidth to run applications such as high-speed internet access, voice and video over IP, among others. The MetaLIGHT platform has enabled BITel to provide a service package that can be customized to the customer including guaranteed, high-quality bandwidth and provides the scalability necessary to increase the bandwidth to the customer in the future.

Actelis Netowrks, which manufactures broadband over copper solutions, is based in Fremont, CA. For more information visit

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