Tappan Wire & Cable gets UL approvals for its low voltage cables

March 17, 2005
March 17, 2005 - Cables are insulated and jacketed with Zero Halogen Low Smoke materials.

Tappan Wire & Cable, Inc. has received approvals from Underwriters Laboratories for NEC compliant low voltage cables that are insulated and jacketed with Zero Halogen Low Smoke materials.

In accord with NEC Article 725, Control, Signaling and Power limited Circuit Cable and/or Article 760, Fire Alarm Cable and/or Article 800, Communication Cable, these environmentally friendly cables pass the severe UL 1666 riser flame test. They are available unshielded and shielded, UL Sunlight Resistant jacketed, and can be marked CM, CMR, FPL, FPLR, CL2, CL2R, CL3, CL3R, or PLTC with multiple category markings possible.

The typical configuration of this cable is comprised of either two to eight conductors, solid bare copper or stranded bare copper, aluminum foil/polyester shield or unshielded and a zero halogen jacket. Gauge sizes range from 12awg to 22awg. A coaxial zero halogen cable is also manufactured.

This cable is used in environments where high performance, reliability and protection of life and equipment are vital. More specifically, applications for zero halogen include industry plants, data centers, multi-story buildings, hospitals, sports centers, airports and mass transit stations.

Tappan Wire & Cable, based in Blauvelt, NY, manufactures low and medium voltage cables. For more information visit www.tappanwire.com.

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